Wednesday, February 28, 2018

MACC action on tunnel business - Penang Perceptions

MM Online - MACC freezes bank accounts, seizes luxury cars in Penang undersea tunnel case (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) froze today four company bank accounts containing RM3.6 million and confiscated four luxury vehicles and an RM2.5 million house in its investigation into the Penang undersea tunnel project.

The MACC said the bank accounts belonged to a businessman with a “Datuk Seri” title, who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of receiving RM19 million from the main construction company behind the RM6.3 billion project to help stop investigations.

Politics is all about perceptions, as I heard of it before. Perceptions do not rely on facts, truths or authenticity. Perceptions once formed and hostile in shape, merely want to tembak kaukau, wakakaka.

Chinese and Indian Penangites do not give a sh*t about who the MACC has apprehended. They have by now formed perceptions regarding the MACC actions.

Let me tell you what possibly those Penang perceptions are, well, at least one of them.

But no, you tell me - that way it's more fun, wakakaka.


  1. So DAP and UMNO are now selling the same thing to their supporters...wakakakaka

  2. The principal damage to DAP is the perception of Chinese and Indians in other states.
    Mind you, 70% of the seats of DAP needs to win are outside Penang

  3. In other words "He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch".

    The transformation is now complete.

    There is now no Malaysian parliamentary party that can claim anti-corruption as a platform without being laughed at.

    Syabas DAP supporters!

    1. Moron……

      What transformation is there?

      If the case against lge sticks, that ONLY means one person within the party.

      Can u fault ALL the other dap members?

      Obviously u do, just like u think dap is umno le!

      Syabas, nincompoop. I cant see any further than yr underpants!

    2. Inilah after the Great Leap Forward some people can still worship Mao.

      Here our own losers worship their little Maos in the DAP...wakakakaka..

    3. Obviously u tak tau baca !

      "our own losers worship their little Maos in the DAP"

      Where's the analogy le?

      Losers? Wakakakaka…… Time will tell lah WHO's who.

      Worship WHO? Mao! Where does he arise? Just bcoz most of them r Cinapeks?

      Thus, yr preset myopic mindset.

      No wonder u can fall into the thrashy believe of :

      Biarkan lah dia masuk rumah dan menitur bini dan anak perempuan kita, jikalau dia seummat dan bangsa.

      Wakakakaka....Betul2 bodoh sombong!

    4. When the other side do corruption, we scream CORRUPTION!!!
      When our side do corruption, its called being smart doing business.