Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saving Senor Romeo Sehuencas

FMT - Bid to find a Valentine for Romeo, world’s ‘loneliest frog’ (extracts):

Senor Romeo 

With Valentine’s Day approaching, please spare a thought for Romeo the lonesome Bolivian frog.

Ten years a bachelor, the childless amphibian has had to enlist human help to mount a last-ditch search for a Juliet which, if it fails, could mean the end of his species.

Romeo, you see, is the last known frog of his kind.

And he has been fruitlessly calling for a mate from his tank at the Cochabamba Natural History Museum for years.

“We don’t want him to lose hope,” said Arturo Munoz, a conservation scientist associated with the Global Wildlife Conservation, which has hooked up with dating website Match to raise money for Romeo’s last shot at romance.

The funds will be used to scour Bolivian streams and rivers for signs of a female Sehuencas water frog, even in tadpole form.

“We continue to remain hopeful that others are out there so we can establish a conservation breeding programme to save this species,” said Munoz.

If Romeo croaks, he could follow the route of “Lonesome George”, a childless Galapagos tortoise who died in 2012, taking his entire subspecies with him.

Our political world has a lot of 'frogs' though, alas, none of the Sehuencas variety.


But we all live in eternal hope, and speaking of eternity and that the coming Valentine's Day is the notional target date to save Romeo the Bolivian Sehuencas water frog by getting the poor lonesome creature a partner, I wonder whether Mr Tantawi, wakakaka, an expert about sex orgies on Valentine's Day and New Year eves' parties, would help find a lovely sweetie for Romeo?

Ustaz Tantawi

Wakakaka, ribbet ribbet ribbet.

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  1. Muak tengok muka that Tantawi... a thousand words will be unable to convey what this picture above in a single snapshot does....smugly turbaned, his too-well-fed face radiate with 'holy' righteousness, his pointing finger says his god has spoken and he's here to warn the the 'unwashed populace' that on certain days like Valentine Day and Eve of New Year the sexual urge will come on with full force...imagine, couples having Valentine dinners or New Year's Eve dinner and celebration, after having satiated their stomach, will adjourn to a secluded place and furiously tearing off their clothes and copulate in wild abandonment...with the resultant 'buang bayi' syndrome in nine months' time, muahhahhahaha.