Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Commies of Malaysia?

TMI - Muslim scholars won’t back down on Indira Gandhi case (extracts):

We are standing by what we said, the Malaysian Association of Muslim Scholars (PUM) insisted yesterday, despite being warned to “watch their words” for alleging there could be religious violence over the court decision on unilateral conversions.

PUM president Abdul Halim Abd Kadir said he will never condone anyone leaving the religion and this is why he will not back down from his earlier statement on the Federal Court decision to nullify the conversion of M. Indira Gandhi’s three children to Islam.

“I realise that I speak in a multicultural and multi-religious society but we cannot condone this (leaving Islam). I am simply carrying out my duty as a Muslim, to speak out against this,” Halim told The Malaysian Insight.

PUM had raised the ire of police and other bodies when it urged the authorities to stop looking for Indira’s ex-husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and their youngest daughter, Prasana Diksa, whom Indira has not seen for nine years.

PUM alleged that if the authorities go on with their search for Riduan and Prasana, this would possibly lead to religious violence.

PUM president Abdul Halim Abd Kadir

Firstly, in this post, we MUST differentiate between Islam the holy religion and PUM (Malaysian Association of Muslim Scholars), a bunch of people who profess to subscribe to Islamic beliefs. There is a VAST difference between the song and a motley batch of singers or more appropriately, caterwaulers.

Criticising members of PUM who intimidate violence is the duty, not just civic obligation, of every decent Malaysian, and is NOT a criticism of Islam the religion. 

Secondly, a scholar is 'a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject.'

He or she is NOT someone who advocates or threatens VIOLENCE on others. Thugs, hooligans, samseng, bandits, robbers, terrorists and barbarians do that. 

Islam has long been touted as a religion of peace and compassion, thus I wonder what deviant version of this great religion sits in the befuddled besieged bellicose minds of those PUM members for them to threaten Malaysian society with violence if the police do their public duties on the directions of the Malaysian Federal Courts?

For a start, have PUM insulted Islam with its threat of violence on the brazen temerity of a so-called Islamic imprimatur?

As a second, have PUM shown contempt for the Federal Court in attempting to counter-command its instruction to the police to search for Indira’s ex-husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and abductor of their youngest daughter, Prasana Diksa?

Completing the trilogy of sins-&-crimes, have PUM exhibited sedition in attempting to obstruct police in their duties by threats of sectarian violence?

Once communist countries perpetuated violence on, including shooting, torturing and killing their citizens who dared to leave their countries. North Korea still does. 

Malaysia doesn't and it'll do well for PUM members to remember they are supposedly citizens of Malaysia and must obey the laws of this land, to wit, the supreme secular laws of this nation.

If they do not want to obey its laws, they are welcome to leave Malaysia for good for Aceh, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. They can be assured they won't be shot when they do.


  1. These stupid fake religious buffons only know how to screw camels and Donald Trump's smelly asshole.If this bum wants to convert by force,well,if one acts like a Taliban then go to Afghanistan,a Taliban country.There he can go screw all the camels he wants.Wakakaka.

  2. I hope the counter terrorist Intel unit is watching this chap closely... those that they have been sweeping so far are just radicalised sheeple...this one is a bigger threat, who has influence to subtly instigated violence

  3. I can sympathise with PUM's position that as a Muslim activist body, they simply cannot in conscience countenance the conversion of a person who has already become a Muslim back out of Islam.

    The Civil law is another matter.
    Basic principle in law is that a situation which arose out of an illegal act in the first place ( the kidnapping of a child) must be remedied.

    That is why Muslims are now clamouring for Syariah courts to be fully equal and independent of Civil courts, and no Civil Court order can be used to override the findings of a Syariah court.

    There is an urgent need for a Federal Syariah court, which is not subordinate to the Civil Federal Court.

    1. I agree with you mate.. see also how the Federal Court judges met with the affected parties prior to making the final decision in Viran a/l Nagupan lwn Deepa a/p Subramaniam [2015] 3MLJ 209

    2. A syariah court as powerful as a civil Federal Court would most likely have ignored the original illegality of the abduction and its associated original illegal religious conversion, and focused solely on the non-reversibility of a conversion into Islam, which would not have given a crime (abduction) its due punishment and a mother her justice. That's why most Malaysians regardless of religion (even Islam) would prefer the secular impartiality and fairness of the civil courts.

    3. 1. We need a new constitution only for muslims,yes?
      2. Pls read alquran chapter 4 verse 137 and tell me what or how you understand wrt becoming a muslim and then backing out of the faith.

    4. 4: 137 (Those who believe) to Moses, that is to say, the Jews (then they disbelieved) by worshiping the calf (later believers) afterwards (and then disbelieving) to Isa (then increasing their disbelief) to Muhammad saw. (then Allah will not forgive them) as long as they are in such a state (and will not lead them to the right path) or true.

      It is crystal to me Bro.. The verse - Allah is alluding to the Jews.

  4. Islam a religion of peace and compassion ?....Bull

  5. Bull? You are sucking the Jewish propaganda like it was your mother's milk. 1.6 billion is a vast number of Muslim people of different sects (72), race and a variety of characteristics. You are s typical stereotype batshit suaku with massive blind spot.

    1. Which bull??

      Everything blame on the Jews!! Such an easy blackgoat le.

      Wakakakaka...One said Allah is alluding to the Jews (for what?? R u implying Allah is playing trick?), the other's Jewish propaganda.

      Such a syirik-ic blasphemy!

      Remember, they r the "People of the Book" as stated in Quran - hence as 'commanded' by Allah le!

      Make one wonders who's sucking who's zombieic milk!

      Ouiiii...1.6 billion, not necessarily all zombies. But definitely three quarter full, with majority coming out from poor developing & 4rd world sh*tholes ( Trump's word).

      Quantity is not the defining factor. Rather quality is! That's why the Jews beat the Arabs one-handed down!

      Again.... Who's a stereotype batshit suaku (wakakakaka) with massive blind spot?

  6. For those who follow Resident Evil, they would know that with the continuing mutating T-virus, the infected zombies would ONLY become worst.

    All reasonings r lost. Only voluntary, impulsive reaction propel them to spread via violence infection.

    These r the state we r facing NOW!

  7. "For those who follow Resident Evil, they would know that with the continuing mutating T-virus, the infected zombies would ONLY become worst.

    "All reasonings r lost. Only voluntary, impulsive reaction propel them to spread via violence infection.

    These r the state we r facing NOW!"

    You can say that again, CK ! The virus is deep in their blood now...this remind me of the that horror Korean flick 'Train to Busan'...the infected populace turned zombies and mindlessly attack all and sundry to make others to turn into the likes of themselves.

    These my-god-is-supreme freaks just don't care about their god actually or what their god have supposedly preached in their so-called holy book...they have been indoctrinated from since aged five and this wahhabism virus has spread like wild fire fueled by the black arab gold and now the world is in upheaval all because of this 'peaceful and compassionate' religion !