Friday, February 09, 2018


Remember a guy by the name of Lee Kim Sai?

Wikipedia informs us that in early November 1986, Lee Kim Sai, who was Head of MCA Selangor, passed a resolution in MCA's annual convention calling on the government to review the Sedition Act and to make it an offence to call any of the three major races immigrants or pendatang.

That daring resolution stated that Malaysia's three major races originated from other countries and therefore none of them should brand the others as pendatang and claim themselves to be natives.

From that MCA's resolution, apparently only the Malayan aborigines and the Sarawak-Sabah natives like Dayaks, Ibans, Bidayuh, Muruts, etc were/are natives. 

Needless to say, it infuriated UMNO who interpreted the MCA's resolution as challenging the bumiputra status of the Malays.

Lee was lucky Perkasa wasn't formed yet, or he would be 'punished' kaukau, wakakaka

Perkasa was formed after the 2008 general elections when a 'certain' person feared UMNO was no longer protecting Malay rights and too 'soft' to Chinese

Perkasa was to be the new ultra pressure group of UMNO to protect ketuanan Melayu

T'was said that 46 UMNO MPs wrote to PM, then Mahathir, asking him to sack Lee from the cabinet, but before that could happen, Lee himself offered to resign. Anyway, the MCA-UMNO quarrel was quickly resolved, at least publicly, wakakaka. Presumably as a compromise, Selangor MCA withdrew their resolution.

Almarhum HRH Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Sultan of Selangor, publicly reprimanded Lee and warned him not to question Malay special rights.

in actuality HRH was a nice person 

Just when you imagined that things would have quietened down, Anwar Ibrahim, then in UMNO and Malaysia's Education Minister, posted 90 senior assistants and principals to vernacular Chinese schools. None of those school heads were well-versed in the Mandarin language.

The promotion was seen by the Chinese community as an attempt to "change the character of the Chinese schools", and perhaps ultimately pave the way for their disestablishment.

Chinese educationists were outraged and every Chinese-based parties quickly fell into line to support them. Well, they had to because, as I have often remarked, ‘education’ has been and still remains a central pillar of Chinese culture. Yes, no pillar of such a culture would be stronger and more sacred than that of Chinese language education.

Chinese politicians could ignore the anger of their ethnic community at the risk of losing their votes. But alas, how mere education could become such a delicate and sensitive issue for the Chinese was and still is something UMNO could never understand.

Each and every time UMNO speaks out against vernacular education of the UEC, it stabs MCA and Gerakan right in their backs because it undermines the Chinese-based parties not only in the eyes of the Chinese community but also in the latter's heart and soul.

But it sure as hell didn’t look good when MCA, Gerakan, DAP, Sarawak-Sabah Chinese-based parties and Dong Jiao Zong (Chinese educationists) and various NGOs banded together in a 2,000-strong gathering at the Hainanese Association Building beside the KL Thian Hou Temple.

They called for a boycott of those schools Anwar Ibrahim's non-Mandarin-savvy mob were posted to.

UMNO members retaliated with Najib then as UMNO Youth Boss making his infamous cry to bathe his keris in Chinese blood. Today we know it was a very successful deep cover plot to galvanise civil unrest to lead to an eventual dismissal of several judges who might have ruled in favour of Ku Li in the even more infamous UMNO party elections of 1987.

Anyway, as justification for Ops Lalang, Mahathir said
 (words to the effect): "We know what happened when Chinese gathered together in a temple to talk politics."

He was referring to the memory of Shaolin Temple which was renowned more for its opposition to the Manchu authorities than martial arts.

last photo is Thean Hou Temple in KL


Guess he was advised by Chinese historical-cultural experts, unless he was a covert fan of Chinese martial arts films, wakakaka.

To cut the story short, on the urging of UMNO Youth headed by Najib, al marhum HRH Sultan Selangor withdrew the datukship of Lee Kim Sai.

Today we read about two Amanah politicians being stripped of their datukships. This time we can't blame Anwar Ibrahim for proving the fuel for Ops Lalang, Najib for wanting to bathe his keris in Chinese blood thus providing a matchbox about to be opened in the tinder dry situation, and Mahathir for incarcerating 106 people, some for years, under the excuse of Ops Lalang, wakakaka.

And what has happened to Chua Jui Meng who also had his Johor datukship stripped off by HM Sultan Johor in 2010? He has been 101% quiet after he lost his election in GE13.

Will we see Jimmy Chua in GE14?

Canonised after he left MCA for PKR



  1. Jimmy Chua retired from politics in disgust.
    He got Sabo kau-kau by some Johor Malay members of his own party , as well as the local DAP.
    Though DAP had failed to win the seat in 55 years, the local DAP considered it "THEIR" seat , and waged a treacherous underground campaign against him.

    All that added to the usual BN Fixed Deposit voters led to certain defeat.

  2. Some might say the wheels of politics have turned a full circle after 20 years. And now twenty years later, we are staring at the possibility of a Mahathir-Anwar leadership again.

    If they did win, then its the ultimate facepalm from the gods of fate. Imagine if twenty years ago, THAT incident didn't happen that broke the duopartite. Twenty years of Reformasi, of Inikalilah, of 40,000 fake news daily, of constant sandiwara amongst themselves.

    We could have doubled down and focused our work better and perhaps might have achieve developed status 10 years ahead. Twenty years of unnecessary politics that leads us back to the same duo. Twenty years wasted becoz of these two!

    Oh, the irony of it all!

    1. Wa lau-eh..... U & KT r a pair of lousy crystalball gazers!

      One blames manmanlai/mamak for all the ills faced by bolihlanders NOW, single-handedly!

      The other blames the 20 yrs of bolihland 'lost age' on these two players!

      Ouiiii....R there no others -
      sycophants, cronies, schemers, udangs - pulling strings, agitating alifbata caldrum, pouring oil & fanning fire on the same stage?

      Obviously, u guys have unlimited hatred for manmanlai/mamak.

      But by blaming EVERY MISFORTUNES on them, ain't u guys placing them on yr altar as supermen le!

    2. Open ur eyes and mind. Think back objectively. The shenanigans of past 20 years, these 2 were the main actors.

      What u see those sycophants, cronies, schemers, udangs, etc are just puppets in the show. What u didn't see are those 2 star puppeteers, pulling their strings, setting the atmosphere, & directing the show.

      Think about the politics of pre-MahatirAnwar era. Was it not different before? Thats becoz Mahathir brought money & cronyism into UMNO, and Anwar brought conservatives & fundamentalism into UMNO. They were they virus carrier that infected BN.

      If we take both their duo history together, we were lost for almost 40 years! So YES, I do blame them for EVERY MISFORTUNES.

    3. They are also effectively saying the de Jure Prime Ministers during that period of 20 years Makan Gaji Buta, or worse , they were very busy Gasak Wang Rakyat.

      It is our democratic responsibility as voters to send The idiotic and corrupt Current Prime Minister into retirement, or jail, after due process.

    4. What? And bring back that duopoly after 20 years? We unwillingly got infected by their virus the 1st time and now we should do it again but willingly this time? Are we NUTS?!


    5. Indeed u r otakrosak!

      Puppeteer pulls the strings attached to the puppets, according to the requirements of the play.

      All three MUST works in unison for a successful show.

      By claiming 'credits' just for manmanlai/mamak, u clearly display yr arrogantly naïveness.

      That's if u r truly ignorance about the ongoing affairs.

      More likely, by doing so, u r playing the same set of scheming as kt.

      Concentrating on the past puppeteers, to lessen the equally insidious contributions of the puppets (the current bn gangs) & the toxic surrounding (umno).

      Both of u r trying VERY hard to conceal pinklips & umno of their roles in popping up manmanlai/mamak's 'free-roaming' divisive & authoritarian regime.

      Hence to justify pinklips current pestilence!

      No...No...No...Mahathir DIDNT bring money & cronyism into UMNO, and NEITHER did Anwar bring conservatives & fundamentalism into UMNO.

      Money sapu-ing, cronyism,
      conservatives & fundamentalism r part & parcel of the hegamnoic mechanism that drive UMNO alive. Umno thrives on them! They were the virus that infected BN.

      Manmanlai/mamak just used these umno toxins to the best of their ability to advance their sopo careers.

      It takes someone who knows the virus to remove the virus - medical science101.

      & It takes a moron to willingly got infected the 2nd time round.

      Mamak knows the 'virus' inside out, for being manipulating it for 22yrs. Whatsoever u say about mamak, he is no NUT but a decisive teloq remover!

      So, WHO'S the nut, as big as that proverbial teloq?

    6. Based on what you wrote, ur understanding of Malaysia politics only goes as far back as Mahathir's rule. What a pity.

      As for WHO's the nut? Its the Malaysian rakyat.