Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Watch out Constitution

Yesterday in my post 2018 - Senimen wants Namewee's citizenship stripped; 2013 - Mahathir wanted same for Ambiga the interesting observation drawn were:

(A) the call for stripping of some people of their citizenship, by

(B) certain people.

The first group 'A' would be non-Malays whilst the second 'B' would be UMNO or UMNO-affiliated people. For example, Namewee and Ambiga Sreenevasan have both been considered as not worthy of Malaysian citizenship even though both were born in this country while those desiring to strip them of their citizenship has been, the most notorious of all, Mahathir Mohamad.

Has anyone in UMNO call for the stripping of Zamihan Mat Zin's citizenship even though the racist was openly critical of HM Sultan of Johor and PM Najib?

Can you ever imagine an outstanding citizen like Ambiga be even (ever) considered for stripping of her Malaysian citizenship because she was involved in BERSIH?

The outrageous nonsense has been that person who proposed such an obscene offensive action, Mahathir, was himself subsequently involved in BERSIH 4 in 2015 and BERSIH 5 in 2016

What a revolting volte-face

Yes, in 2013, just a mere 4 plus years ago, Mahathir wanted to strip Ambiga of her citizenship for nothing more than her involvement in BERSIH. Guess who subsequently joined BERSIH 4 and 5?

Not only that, Mahathir was reported as saying the Government needed to amend the constitution if it wanted to strip the citizenship of lawyers such as Ambiga.

What have all above tell us?

'Nons' like Wee Meng Chee (Namewee) and Ambiga have in reality never been considered as true Malaysians, and if they were/are, were only so by virtue of silly sheets of paper titled citizenship (or via their birth certificates), which if taken away when those 'nons' were becoming annoying, would solve the problem (whatever those were/are to people like Mahathir).

Someone has this mafulat belief that when things couldn't be done legally, t'was the silly obstructionist Constitution but fortunately in his mind, which could be easily amended to facilitate his wishes.

Reforms? My bloody foot.


  1. U keep saying in 2013 mamak wanted to strip Ambiga of her Malaysian citizenship because she was involved in BERSIH.

    I search through mamak's speeches in microfilms for the whole of 2013 BUT come up no such thing!

    Maybe the microfilms library I used is not as compact as yours.

    Care to reproduce that speech in total for us to digest ke?

    1. Mahathir gave the opinion that the Constitution would have to be changed to strip anyone born a citizen of his citizenship.
      There is no record anywhere that Mahathir called for Namewee to be stripped of his citizenship.
      Repeat Fake News enough times and it becomes THE TRUTH.

      That's how Ktemoc operates, right from Day 1 , about 2003.

    2. watch out for Monsterball's fake news. Nowhere did I say Mahathri asked for Namewee's citizenship to eb stripped. Rather Mahathri had wanted to strip Ambiga of her citizenship

    3. also read https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2013/09/29/laws-to-protect-your-citizenship/

    4. be very cautious of Monsterball's fake news once he becomes frenzied in his dedak-motivated defence of Mahathir

    5. CK, don't forget to read https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2013/09/29/laws-to-protect-your-citizenship/

    6. Wakakakaka...... No wonder I COULDN'T traced that mamak's speech lah!

      "Earlier this year, Dr Mahathir reportedly said the Government needed to amend the constitution if it wanted to strip the citizenship of lawyers such as Ambiga."

      Muahaha..... reportedly said!

      Also, as a wordsmith, what's yr understanding of the contextual clues in 'making' such claim?

      1st, can u provide the ORIGINAL speech of mamak in saying so ke?

      I'm not defending mamak in any which way u want to postulate about.

      Like u, who so vehemently attacking Monsterball about his implied fake news, u owe yrself a sense of 'righteousness' in uploading that speech.

      With mamak's reputation & following, what he had said WOULD have a record someehete. I hope it WOULDN'T fall into the category of been misquoted. Right?

      Start digging lah. Maybe with that reporter first.

      Yr reputation is CLOSELY at stake!

      BTW, r u been 'conned' into using that reporting ke to attack mamak?

    7. excuses after excuses, typical of Malaysia's new millennial. Next you will demand a doctoral thesis to be vetted by a board of world renown scholars in socio-politics. Podah

    8. Wakakakaka..... indeed it's excuses after excuses!

      Ouiii.. u memang tau apa yang u tulis ke?

      FAKE news lah!!!

    9. you prefer to argue rather than search for what YOU want. Takut?

    10. Why should I argue with u?

      I got better think to do while on spare time I do a Google search as u recommended.

      But, guess what? U just want others to do yr silly betting of loops.

      Takut bukan saya tapi u lah!

      That casual search IS not to yr favour le. I just want u to dig deeper into yr own sh*thole lah.

      So, just continue yr hopeless arguments (that's what we all called arguments). U might find yrself unable to extract yrself from such deep hole le!


  2. Maybe he is fed up with this country and ready to renounce his citizenship. That's why he did the video clip and left the country. I think there is no way he can dodge Section 298.

    1. Section 298 has been applied in a selective fashion - let's start with Zamihan, Mufti Harussani, Ibrahim Ali etc before we probe Namewee

    2. Should start with Petronas white angpou!

      Molehill or not, many Cinapek M'sians' sensitivity is been challenged.

      Surely, the pdrm wouldn't be selective in applying sec298 under the new logo lah!

      Or am I still dreaming ke?

    3. Not white but pink lah.. I have seen the original.

    4. Blur-sotong!

      The original printing is pinkish pink - just the colour cinaamoks like.

      But what does it got to do with that white Petronas angpow packet?

      Wakakakaka... technical mistake lah, so easy to hide that evil 'molehill' le.

      But this pandai trick is child-play. Tak lagu ni, lagi bodoh sombong for overused. Talk about reaching old dog new trick, wakakakaka.....Sigh...

  3. ambiga support mahathir, lge oso support mahathir. this 2 suffer more than any myfoot mercenary reside far far away during mahathir reign, need i say more?

    1. Yup.. Ktemoc has hidden buried somewhere that Ambiga has actually endorsed Mahathir.

    2. Hafidz Baharom today published (MM Online) "First off, I would like to point out to Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan that saying “we are on the same side” right after launching a cartoon mocking #undirosak, is quite the hypocritical stance to take."

      Sometimes, Ambiga can be confused so don't get over-excited which side she said she's on

    3. KUALA LUMPUR September 22, 2016 : Lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan said she supports former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Citizens’ Declaration as the nation is facing a bigger evil that is insurmountable.

      “It is also a political necessity for a new political alignment to take place,” she told her audience

      Ambiga is the one with true principles and a true patriot.

  4. Ever wonder WHY these ketuanan freaks r so gung-ho in invoking the chants of "revoking/stripping of ones citizenship"?

    The recent articles in SingChew daily about those 2nd generation Malayans been deprived of their Malayan citizenship, perhaps, help to throw some lights.

    When the pommie returned to Malaya, they started to 'eliminate' the MPAJA.

    In the first place, the pommie wanted to take back the control of Malaya. But they had made a pact with MPAJA to give them some administrative powers. This was reflected in the "MBA" bestowed upon Chin Peng.

    2ndly, those Jap collaborators (especially the Melayu elites), fearful of MPAJA revenges for their 'Raising Sun's patrotipatm', worked closely with the returned pommie to help completing that "cancer removal" process.

    At the same time the Communism fearful heartlanders, indoctinated by a twisted islamic teachings (wonder why there weren't no more Pendita Zaaba to awakening them... what a shameful opportunity lost!), chipped in to complete that hateful germination of ketuanan seed.

    Most of the repatriated Cinapeks were conned to sign documents about renouncing their Malayan citizenship & wanted to return to China. (The pommie were at least smart enough to know about Jus Soli!!)

    However, most of the Malay/Tamil MPAJA members were not given that chance. But there were some chosen to go to China (the Melayu) & India (the Tamil).

    This could be the legacy of how the ketuanan freaks r so charmed to call for repatriation of Cinapek upon touching their imagined 'sensitivity' issues of alifbata.

    1. OBE not MBE - OBE tinggi sikit

    2. OK, u r right, this time. TQ.

    3. 1952 is not 2017. The situation and methods used were appropriate for the time but not now.

      Many CPM operatives were not Malayan citizens, they were legally China nationals , who were Malayan residents at most. Others were naturalised citizens, and could be legally stripped of their citizenship for illegal activities (read the fine print) .

      Given the underground nature of the Communist insurrection, there was often insufficient evidence to charge and convict them in a Court.
      So deporting the China nationals, and stripping the citizenship of some naturalised citizens was an effective sanction.

      I had a distant relative who was like that. He was a committed communist to the end of his life.

      Ironically, his relatives in Malaysia continued to send him money in China for the next 25 years until his death in the late 1970's. Those days, there were no banking links with China, but there was still an effective way to send money to his town in China, and he always received it.

      Nowadays the new China rich come here and throw their money around. How things have changed.

    4. I suggest u get a copy of the english translated SinChew articles before u fart with yr blur hate of CPM.

      They were ALL 2nd generation Malayans. Tau apa tu 2nd generation ke?

      Even in the 50s, Jus Soli still applied, hence the cheating underhands of the pommie in requesting signed letters of declaration of given up citizenship. Mind u, all of them r english illiterates & NO translations were given!

      Many of them, now into their twilight years of 80+, 90+ or 100+ r still having font memories of the then Malaya. They r also never regretting for taking up the fight of independence for Malaya. They feel been betrayed by the pommie for been repatriation to China, a country that they didn't know. When the pommie asked them to stay back to fight the Jap, they had no hesitation for doing what's right for the land they loved so much.

      Unlike those Jap collaborators, who were swaying with the political winds, to save their pittiful hemba lifestyle!

      BTW, did u ask yr relative about his story? Or u have 2nd,or 3rd party news ke?

    5. "They were ALL 2nd generation Malayans."

      i dun think so, even some r, i believe most known china more than msia, only a small number, perhaps those from baba nyonya lineage would fit yr "story".

      i would assert our generation is difference, we r msian. but umno would never allow this.

    6. Another sotong showing his blurness!

      Ouiiii.... baca dulu baru jump into comments lah!

      I'm referring to those people interviewed by SinChew for the story.

      Who r u referring to?

    7. show me rhe link pls. i dun know where to search.

      secondly, the article may talk abt those 2nd generation but yr writes dun limit to only those 2nd generation. i am referring to yr writes of course.

    8. Wakakakaka.... R u getting on like kt now?

      Re-read my take & take a magnifying glass to search for

      A) article on 2nd generation Malayans

      B) repatriation during 50s

      The story is still been carried on SinChew daily NOW! Go & buy a copy lah.

    9. a) u 100% trust what was published in sinchew?

      b) that was what happened to my uncle, n my friend uncle, in very dissimilar situation. my uncle know chinese medicine, that's y he frequent masuk hutan, the british suspect he is communist n sent him back to china. my friend uncle is a real communist, oso sent back, during his last visit, we found out he is a high rank officer in china. all this happened in the 50s. i don't think both of them love msia more.

      i have 5 cousin brothers that become communist in the late 60s to 70s. 1 died in jungle, 1 detained in kamunting for many years, while 3 was confined in relative house. they are more likely the 2nd generation that suit yr story.

      this is my side of story, perhaps some of us have different one, i dun know.

    10. Don't talk cockagroo lah.

      Go buy a copy of SinChew daily & read carefully.

      Trust the SinChew infos?

      How paranoid r u?

      Those interviewers CAN produced authenticated birth certificates & other related documents.

      I don't give a sh*t wrt yr relatives' stories.

      I trust the SinChew story bcoz of its relevancy & authenticity! & the narrators r luckily still alive to tell their betrayed encounters by the pommie. Unlike some of the many 2nd/3rd handed 'reportedly said' fake news that been propagated here!

      They r ALL patriotic Malayans who have actually/solidly contributed to the current time/period for u to talk cock now.

      Make me wonder WHAT is yr starting point in doubting their forgotten efforts?

      Bcoz they r communists?

      Bcoz they don't fit into yr politically correct bleeding hearted world view?

    11. bec i believe i know communist more than u. the reason i tell u my cousins r communist is a hint that many of my family member r either communist or left incline. this is oso one reason y i never appreciate pap, or dap.

    12. So what?

      Lagi, ONLY u can allowed to have yr own kind of 'understanding' wrt communist ke & tag every communist as u understood them!

      Banyak pandai, juga - in the same class like mom & kt. (I know what's mom/kt's motive. Yrs? Maybe kmt?)

      Could it also mean yr family's type of communists were the mislead types, just like those zombies?

      What a bloody swapping statement JUST from yr personal shallow angle!

      So what if u don't like PAP, DAP? U think an umno DNA infested pkr very good one ke?

      If u really can see through those 'deviant' communists within yr family members WHY can't u see through the same mfing umno-style of operations in pkr?

      Selective due to yr blind faith? Maybe in the same class just like kt with pinklips!

      Thus my LABELLING u as a bleeding-hearted dreamer, trying to be politically correct in a not so perfect world!

    13. heard reliable rumours (wakakaka, what a paradox) CK might be related to Trump, Netanyahu and Attila the Hun, wakakaka again

    14. Wakakakaka……

      So, again rumours eh! BTW, this time how many handed le.

      If u trace back yr ancestry far back enough, can I say u r related to simian?

      Ada salah ke?

  5. last comment. u shd read n reread the entire 7 or now 8 series of the sinchew article. read the context as well. i cant be yr educater all the time.