Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Canonisation of evil?

Jo Samad of TMI wrote (extracts):

PERLIS mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said voting in elections is about deciding the lesser of the two evils; it’s not about who is good, it’s about who is less bad.

Asri’s pronouncements is nothing new but it shows disdain and contempt for both sides of the political divide from a prominent religious figure.

Choosing who is less bad is what precisely gave birth to the “#Undi Rosak” movement. Reality has sunk in among the young voters – whoever wins the election, they will be getting one of the two evils. {...}

What the younger voters should do is to start something like a Green Party movement, a third force, as the alternative and cast their votes. Spoilt votes does not help build a nation, it’s an exercise of futility.

Voting third party candidates on a unified banner or platform will be a breath of fresh air for our country. You may not form the government now, but you can be the voice in parliament or even kingmaker in the case of hung parliament.

Hadi Awang had warned Penang DAP that holding local council elections might lead to another May 13

Hadi was worried local council elections would see his PAS people voted out when they were then enjoying 'appointments' by Pakatan Rakyat as councillors

Well, isn't it a bit too late now to form a third party (or coalition) unless you are prepared to vote PAS, wakakaka. While I go and wash my mouth, let's all pretend I did not say that, wakakaka again.

Mind, Commander (retd) Thayaparan of Malaysiakini had suggested we vote for his favourite politician in PSM.

Dr Jeya, PSM 

Just as the DAP has been accused of being predominantly Chinese-based and thus a de facto Chinese political party, PSM is also seen as predominantly Indian-based and thus a de facto Indian political party. The allegations-accusations-propaganda against DAP and PSM are of course false in that both are true multiracial parties (unlike some who claimed to be multiracial but in actuality are ketuanan parties, wakakaka).

But alas, I am not sure PSM can attract Malay and Chinese votes as it's seem as either too 'red' (a la communist) or too Indian.

logo frightens mainly Malays 

Additionally for a 3rd option, an attractive PRM (not PSM) will now be available, especially in Penang. PRM hinted of its future 'green' credentials which may then make it into a new Green Party (rather than a red one which frightens Malays). For those who want to vote for, say, former DAP Teh Yee Cheu, rumours have it he (Teh) may be contesting GE14 under a PRM ticket.

Teh is quite popular in his Tanjung Bungah state constituency and may possibly do a miracle in wrestling his current seat from his old party, the DAP. It'll then be a feather in the cap for the PRM who in earlier years together with the Labour Party formed the socialist coalition of Barisan Socialis. The socilaists dominated Penang's George Town council seats in Penang. George Town's first mayor was DS Ramanathan of the Labour Party.

Mayor DS Ramanathan 


But that's the problem with PSM and PRM, which my socialistic heart and mind love as they love socialist democrat DAP, in that both are currently minor parties and are only available as a 3rd option to the voters in a few electoral constituencies.

So on a national basis, at least in Peninsular, do you want to listen to Perlis mufti Mohd Asri and vote for the lesser evil? But as Jo Samad pointed, that has been why #UndiRosak movement has been born, to NOT vote for any evil. Lesser or greater evil, well, f**k them.

In fact, I find I am getting more attracted to #UndiRosak because if I vote for the DAP which has been long my preferred party, won't I be voting also for Mahathir? Terrifying, isn't it?

Mind, that does NOT mean I am implying he's the lesser evil. Politically, he has been/ is just evil, as can be seen from his terrible track record as a former PM. If he had kuai kuai stayed retired I would have at least accepted he was a former PM and thus now a respectful retired senior citizen.

But he now presents a clear and present danger to my political belief. I do NOT believe in the Pakatan auto-canonisation of new members who were the very epitome of evil prior to their Pakatan career. 

#UndiRosak becomes more and more attractive to my political conscience.


  1. #FUCKUndiRosak
    Regime Change is needed in Putrajaya.

    1. Democracy as understood by those:

      1) otakrosaks

      2) refuse to see & understand

      3) not willing to grow up & keep searching for syiok-sendiri fame

      4) udang dibelakang batu

    2. definitely NOT democracy as understood by you, wakakaka

    3. Yup. That sound perfectly democratic alrite... in Democratic People's Republic of...

    4. Then answer my question about democracy been an utopian concept coming out from an evil incubating environment - how good can it be?

      Don't choke on yr wakakakaking le!

  2. Well,believe it or not?The American people believe Hillary Clinton was a very corrupted woman.All because her family controls the Clinton Foundation.Sometimes fake news do work.

    So as an alternative,the smart American voters went for horndog,groper,rapist and porn star lover Donald Trump.Not that Donald proved that he is more corrupt than Hillary,or that he groped more women in the white house than any previous president,he even raped them and their dogs too.

  3. #UNDI Rosak voters better not wake up the next day and regret like the American voters being raped by porn star lover Donald Trump.It is better to play mahjong or make babies than wasting time to stand in line to throw away your votes.Wakakaka.

  4. PSM = Hand of NOD
    NOD = badguys
    Therefore, PSM = badguys

    1. Wakakakaka.....

      ISIS = evil

      ISIS = Islam

      Therefore, Islam = evil

      Simple mind for small people!

      All those zombies, ketuanan freaks & blur-sotongs smoking tak?

    2. Ur, equation is actually does exist althou its not by those ketuanan muslim but from ketuanan western white men.

  5. true multi racial party? u r as bull as mahathir.

  6. The over-representation of Indians amongst PSM members and supporters may well have to do with its reliance on and association with mainly Indian-based NGOs such as Alagail, amongst mostly Indian plantation workers and so forth.

    They do address the concerns of the working class, the poor, the exploited and oppressed and leads them in actions to defend their rights and interests.

    As for the Malays regarding PSM as being communist, I do not see how PSM can be seen as being any different from the Labour Party, the Barisan Sosialis or the Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia out of which the PSM came.

    Even whilst the CPM was still active in the jungles back in the 1970s and 1980s, the PSRM paper Mimbar Sosialis spoke about Marxism, Leninism, Marxism-Leninism and so forth and so does the PSM today, with the only difference being that the PSM tends to lean towards or is more influenced by Trotskyism, than I believe the others were or are. Also, the fist logo of the PSM reminds me of the fist logo of the Socialist Club at University Malaya.

    I believe that the reason why Malays tend to shy away from the PSM has more to do with it being over-represented by Indians, since as far as I recall, the PSRM and later the PRM, had greater representation of Malays in its leadership and a greater balance of ethnic representation within the party.

    Take a look at the members of the EXCO of the PRM to see the fairly balanced ethnic mix.

    Then take a look at the PSM Exco

    Of the 19 PSM EXCO members, I see 4 Malays, 2 Chinese and the rest Indians

    Now look at the PRM blog (unofficial) and of the 21 EXCO and committee members listed in the sidebar

    I see 9 or 10 Malays, 5 Chinese, 2 or 3 Indians and 1 Eurasian.

    Another PRM blog lists fewer but still more ethnically balanced Exco and committee members.

    The PRM today tends to be more human rights and social justice than labour and poor focused and the PRM does not mention "socialism" as its objective or ideology, though it retains some social democratic policies.

    The PSRM dropped "socialist" from its name around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, since "socialism" had become a "dirty" word and this led to the split of socialists from it who formed the PSM.

  7. On the question of #Undirosak, whilst I don't plan to rosak my undi, however, I can understand their reasons for doing so, especially where they regard the presence of Mahathir and Pribumi within Pakatan as being a betrayal of the Reformasi spirit and of things coming full circle back to square one.

    As for those who accept the alliance with Mahathir and Pribumi, they see it as a united front to beat UMNO/BN to win GE14, despite the possibly of them falling out and turning upon each other after winning and forming the government.

    This basically is a fallout between the principled and the pragmatists, though by their #Undirosak action, the principled could well be inadvertently benefiting the the BN's chances of winning.

    Then there are the close to four million youth who have become eligible to vote since GE13 but who have not registered to vote.

    A young person informed me that from his association with people of his age group, their reasons are that they believe that they can do more politically through participation in NGOs than through support for political parties and elections.

  8. Ktemoc has been acting as a Najib agent for some years now, all the while avowing to be a DAP supporter.

    Since one of Najib's key objectives is to neutralise or even destroy DAP, Ktemoc has been effectively working against DAP for quite some time now.

    So Ktemoc might as well drop the charade and openly "come out"..

    What a vile traitor ?

    1. wakakaka but then sigh, Monsterball is again thrashing out recklessly, blaming recklessly in his ardent defence of his Mahathir. I dread to live in an intolerant indiscriminately brutal regime of his type which will be worse than that of the ayatollahs'.

      But how I wish I could benefit from a few dollars or more from anyone let alone Najib, wakakaka

  9. patience is a virtue they say, I'm happy for you you have that quality, what is 5,10 or 15 years if you can convince others to have it your way, the hell with those unprincipled, unconscientious voters who would settle for, you are such a selfless person wakakakiki

  10. In today world, perception win the day.

    BN has been rotten but you said PR is also no good so #Undirosak. Resulting the perception :
    - To BN : we can continue to be rotten the stupid rakyat still continue to vote us
    - To the rakyat : why waste time! ‘GE’ in ‘GE’ out, BN get to rule, #Undirosak lah!

    But Ktemoc had written not total BN is rotten, there can be exceptions such as ex-UMNO Saifuddin Abdullah is one of them good guy but wrong party and he lamented quite many times that the stupid rakyat voted him out in 2013! Nevertheless I believe Ktemoc would agree that the exceptions is/was only a minority in that example.

    Now the perception that PR is also no good. Is PR exactly like BN rotten to the core? Is the majority of PR same like your hated Tun?

    #Undirosak because of TUN, by all mean, for yourself only, please! Call for #Undirosak in Tun’s constituency for all we care but please stop calling for the general public to support your #Undirosak for the whole GE14. The former we don’t care, it’s your stupid democratic right but if it’s for the later then we also have our democratic right to call you stupid for your short-sightedness, for contributing to the retaining of the rotten BN (equivalent to preference of majority rottenness to minority of rottenness because of one man), for contributing to the creation of that perception “why waste time! ‘GE’ in ‘GE’ out, BN get to rule”

    1. Peter, you have a point. I accept your views but #UndiRosak will not only be for Mahathir's constituency but for all Pribumi candidates' constituencis - it's an evil regime made up of UMNO, Perkasa and other ultra right wing goons

    2. Oxymoron..... Therefore same logic for bn.

      It's an evil regime made up of UMNO, Perkasa and other ultra right wing goons, directing her armpit macais (mca, mic German etc etc) to Rob the nation blind!

    3. CK do NOT use English words you do not understand, wakakaka. Maintain your limited vocabulary of 'zombie', 'blur sotong', 'tongkat whatever', etc etc, wakakaka again

    4. Well, from his write, he is not a bright fella anyway. Ha ha..

    5. Wa lau-eh....suddenly nak main semantic le!

      If there is limited vocabulary, simply bcoz the background music is played via a broken record lah!

      Lagi hadi day in & day out as ge14 getting nearer.
      Then, a choirboy sings the chorus to prove his 2cent worth.

      Ouiiii... Know what's a last laugh ke?

    6. This is so typical Ktemoc....when his dedak munching was discovered, he SOP is to turn the table to accuse others of the same crime, like a thief shouting 'thief' to take the heat away from himself.

      Likewise, when Oppos supporters agreed with LKS's strategy of having Mahathir to join forces to get rid of the Clear&Present Danger, he now ( together with his foul-mouthed MOM sifu ) suddenly turn the table to declare that Mahathir is the clear and present danger, like as though the 2.6 Billion was found in Mahathir's private bank account, that all those 1MDB, SRC, Felda, TH, Pension Funds, and the many many more shenanigans THAT ARE NOW CURRENTLY happening right in front of our noses are all either fake news or if NOT ELABORATED or even mentioned here, then it sort of did not happened !

      Oh, how envious Ktemoc must be of his MOM sifu...that spreader of fake news has a faithful core chorus group of the most odious brain-dead, bigoted racists that could only be the product of decades of BTN with all its attendant Ketuanan Malay and Religious Supremacy, coupled with the abysmal education. But all in all, this blogger can take heart...all his ranting is not in vain, it has brought that Unkown creature out who is now devotedly giving succor ( in his brainless manner ) to his new boss Ktemoc, wakakaka...carry on, carry on...start small and soon it could swell up to be a formidable force, what with the support also from the usual suspects like Warrior, Hasan and the like....hehehe, more coming out of woodwork. Birds of a feather....

    7. "Well, from his write, he is not a bright fella anyway. Ha ha.." Mr Unknown creature.

      Oh mine, pity this poor sod...the Ha Ha is on you, you dummkopf !

    8. JJ, your reckless discriminate accusations amuse me yet at the same time make me wonder how life will be under a regime like yours, intolerant, ferocious, vigilante-corp-ish a la Wild West where you people string blokes up when they don't fall in with your beliefs, wakakaka. But at a more realistic level, I wonder whether as a blogger you would allow comments like yours be published in your blog?

    9. Ktemoc, I have on numerous times in the recent past or even further back to recent past, have complimented you as one of the few bloggers, very UNLIKE your foul-mouth blatant liar sifu, that allow most if not all comments to be published. Those who ONLY allow birds-of-same-feather views are the real pengecut who know that their spins and outrageous lies would be demolished in an instance when free comments are allowed to flow in their blogs.

      So to answer to your question whether I would allow comments like mine to be published in my blog...the answer is a stout YES ! hahahaha. So cease and desist from wildly accusing me of being "intolerant, ferocious" and "vigilante-corp-ish" la...hehehehe...sudah takde ammunition ke ? I only tembak those brain-less commentators with zilch empathy but harboring the most odious brain-numbing ketuanan streak; and of course I also tembak bloggers who had diverted from their principles for reasons best known to themselves but whose motivations are somehow sniffed out by most of us here, wakakakaka.

    10. hah, you place yourself as judge, jury and executioner and based your collective decisions (judge, jury and executioner, wakakaka) on your preferred method and inclinations. The world must fall in line with your preference

    11. What a twisted reply!

      The world survives on sets of rules, orders & principles.

      In u r in a grouping then collective decisions (good &/or bad) drive the group forward.

      Just admit u r NOT with the grouping u oppose lah.

      Yours your, mines mine - never the twain shall meet.

      Kenal tembak means forced compliance! Unless that's what u have in mind!

      U de men lah, wordsmith!

    12. in your twisted small-minded world, wakakaka

    13. Wakakaka...whole I'm in peace & sleeping soundly.

      R u?

  11. "Malaysia is champion in the recycling of political leaders. Apart from Dr Mahathir Mohamad, there are many others. It’s a real pity that we recycle politicians and not things that can save the environment. In another four years from now, bent over leaders with walking sticks or in wheel chairs may be a common sight. Our political leaders just do not know when it’s time to quit."

    1. Yeah la, betul tu....some just do not know when it's time to quit ! The old man did quit once, ingat tak, or has the Melayu mudah lupa illness has got to you today ? Some, even when "hailed" as the biggest kleptocrat with his shame and insatiable greed spread to the whole world, still masih degil dan lagi tak tau when to quit.