Sunday, February 18, 2018

MCA: 'Don’t make us eat egg' ?

Malaysian Chinese News - Chinese community is urged not to wipe off MCA, strike a balance between the opposition and ruling party:

(Selangor, Petaling Jaya 12 Feb) MCA election committee chairman Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong said veterans and grassroots are angry over the ‘wipe off’ remark made by DAP. DAP’s ‘wipe off MCA’ remark has motivated MCA members to save the party and not to let DAP achieve its move.

He is of the view that all matters should not go beyond extremism. DAP’s remark is scary.

“This is politics only and not necessary to finish off a party. Does MCA’s existence cause any threat to DAP? If DAP does not deliver, who is present to monitor?”

In an interview by Sin Chew Daily, Wee said some Chinese leaders view the ‘wipe off’ remark as inappropriate.

Wee said ruling coalition and opposition co-exist in a democratic environment. Both ruling and opposition should deliver to strike a balance. People on the ground are the main beneficiaries.

“Hence I urge everyone not to let DAP achieve its aim of finishing off MCA.”

Although Lim Kit Siang has been arrogant in calling for MCA to be wiped out (when the irony has been his DAP under his instruction has become another 'MCA' to Pribumi), Wee should have thought of his own 'moderating' words and avoid going to such extreme ends in the Penang tunnel issue.

While we know the MCA is fighting for its very survival, with UMNO not even hoping that the Grand Old Chinese party can perform in GE14, its campaigning should not be based on mainly 'negatives'.

Now, Wee is, to put it in plain words, sh*t-scared that Lim Kit Siang's aggressive promise may come true, and is now appealing to the Chinese voters for a lifeline in GE14.

The most shameful part is that MCA has again gone down on its pitiful pathetic painful beggarly knees, as it did in 2008 GE and 2013 GE.

Just before the 2008 election, Ong Ka Chuan who was the MCA’s secretary-general had to swallow humble pie. FMT reported that when he addressed voters in Perak’s Kinta Valley, he said: “If you have five people in your household, I plead with you to give one vote to MCA.”

Now you know what I meant earlier by describing the MCA as going down on its pitiful pathetic painful beggarly knees, to beg for votes. And Ong Ka Chuan was so pathetic he begged for just 1 out of 5 Chinese votes, implying he knew the Chinese community had abandoned the MCA. Wee today must have that same sinking feelings.

As if that 2008 shame wasn't enough, in the run-up to the 2013 elections, MCA vice-president Donald Lim said in an interview with Oriental News Daily, “I hope the people will give us some votes. Don’t make us eat egg.”

Chea arh nui (eat duck egg) is Chinese colloquialism for 'zero' or 'kosong'.

Let's move away from such pathetic scenes. By the by, I am sorry to keep using the 'pathetic' word but there's no other suitable choice as MCA then under Chua Soi Lek did not deserve words like 'pitiful' or 'heartbreaking'.

If Chua Soi Lek had not sabotaged Ong Tee Keat kaukau, the MCA today might have a teeny weeny itsy bitsy chance with the Chinese as Tee Keat was identified by a poll as the most popular MCA person among the Chinese community.

Chua Soi Lek for some reason detested Tee Keat to such an extent he destroyed Tee Keat's chances even if that had hurt MCA irreparably.

Mind, Tee Keat wasn't popular with UMNO especially with Hishamuddin as Tee Keat once exposed a humongous shameful pilfering among school officials for pocketing, now get this, 90%, no, not 9% but 90% of repair funds for some vernacular schools.

The silly irony was Hishamuddin demanded that Tee Keat apologised to him which of course Tee Keat refused. Since then, there was real bad blood between Tee Keat and UMNO.

Today we see Wee in a not dissimilar position as Ong Ka Chuan and Donald Lim, though in tok-ing kok about the necessity to balance the Yang & Yin among MCA and DAP, he is attempting to maintain some minimal degree of dignity. But in essence he's begging the Chinese for votes to sustain MCA's pathetic survival.


  1. This GE, the Chinese Establishment seems to be openly pro-Najib.

    The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce, Guilds and Dong Zhong are calling for the Chinese community to support Najib.
    Unlike GE13 where the Chinese Establishment was officially neutral and called for everyone to vote according to their conscience.

    They are still influential among the traditional Chinese business community.

    There will not likely to be eggs for MCA this round.

    1. Guan Eng has either bravely or foolishly went to war against the Chinese Clans over Love Lane

    2. He's not a penang kia, so what knows abt penang.

  2. as long as dap dun engage in corruption act like bangaloooo n tunnnnnnel, it would never become a doggie "mca", all dap people can hold head high n say no to mahathir.

    1. better look after your Azmin re the Ijok joke

    2. Yes, MCA did not become a lackey just by being in a political alliance with UMNO.

      It's current abject subordinate status arose from its own corruption, being a perfectly willing participant and beneficiary in the corrupt Kleptocracy , Rule By Thieves that Malaysia's government has become.

      Lesson for DAP.

      Political alliance with Malays with common cause is unavoidable Realpolitik in Malaysia. But DAP can avoid becoming a marginalized poodle by staying clean and uncorrupt.

      Sadly... this may be in process to be ignored.

  3. A bunch of sopo idiots who obviously DON'T understand what's wrong with their petrified & kau-towing setup!

    They r pleading to gain communal supports while actually doing nothing significant for the community.

    Or they know - but can't give it up bcoz that mfing organisation is a front to gain personal wealth & glory at the expense of the community they
    vehemently claimed to champion!

    Ha...talking about blurness! Or is it just showman diversion?

    U want people to support u, then do something useful & courageous for the people lah.

    Definitely not pleading simply bcoz yr opponent want to 'finishing-u-off' by their appealings to the community.

    CAN'T remember, on what ground is the community motivated by yr opponent's appealings to help him to step over u?

    Idiots do as idiots understand - which is they buat tak tau!

    Thus, that pathetic call!

    In fact, these bunch of idiotic ketuanan sycophants, together with their pittyful setup SHOULD have been assigned to history long long time ago.

    Good riddance!