Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wan Azizah hints of stoning to death under her premiership

Faced with the cold reality of PAS abandoning PKR Wan Azizah has pressed the PANIC button.

Malaysiakini reported her saying to al Jazeera:

Opposition leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has not ruled out the possibility of there being hudud law in Malaysia.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, she was asked to make a declaration that if she were to become the prime minister, there would be "no hudud, no stoning and no amputation".

Her response was that she can make a declaration that "hudud is not implemented unless all the things that are supposed to be in line of justice are there."

Asked if this meant that there was a situation where stoning would be acceptable in Malaysia, Wan Azizah replied: "Not in the near future."

Not in the near future!!!

Then, in the intermediate future?


  1. what kind of reply u expect from wan azizah?


    1. you would think so, but she has to bodek PAS in order to re-gain their alliance

    2. y u all so cocksure? dap used to said no fear hudud, i didnt know their intention is to bodek pas at that time. y not cntinue to bodek? hudud dulu tak sama hudud sikarang?

  3. Kak Wan is totally clueless about politics.

    Coupled with her good nature & her single-mindedness in trying to get Anwar out from the jail, she is easy prey as a sacrificial lamb on the Machiavellian altars of pkr.


  4. Wan Azizah's reply was diplomatic , polished and principled.

    She basically said "not on my watch" without unnecessarily offending listeners, yet she did not overcommit.
    "It will never happen" is not something any Muslim leader in the country can give an ironclad commitment.

    Contrast that to Najis' snaky maneuverings around RU355 (which Ktemoc has actually been praising).

    Karpal Singh's equivalent "Over My Dead Body" may have been music to his party base's ears, but, in totality , it probably offended more people than it reassured.
    It just reinforced the stereotype held by many Malays that his party is anti-Islam and anti-Malay.
    There is no point complaining about continuous UMNO demonization.
    If you keep giving ammunition to your opponents, the WILL use it against you.

    1. she did NOT say "not on my watch"

      she said "not in the NEAR future' which could mean "next year"