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Selangor government again

Malaysiakini - Defections from PKR to form new state gov’t highly ........? (extracts):

Selangor State Assembly 

Hannah Yeoh, The Speaker

she drives a Mandarin-Nazi wild, wakakaka

Several political analysts believe there is a “very low” likelihood of PKR state assemblypersons withdrawing support from Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali, neither is it likely that PAS is approaching Azmin’s predecessor Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to replace him. [...]

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng on the other hand believes that the move could be possible.

Although there is a 50 percent likelihood, Khoo however pointed out that the sultan’s nod may be crucial. [...]

Speculation had arisen after a message circulating on WhatsApp claimed that two independent assemblypersons and four PKR assemblypersons were part of a delegation who were at the Selangor palace on Wednesday. [...]

Former Selangor menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim did not respond to claims that he was part of the delegation. His aide, Faekah Husin, denied that Khalid was involved. [...]

Khalid, meanwhile, declined to comment on claims that he was approached by PAS to be the new menteri besar.

Pakatan Harapan currently has 29 state assemblypersons in Selangor, with 14 from the DAP, 13 from PKR and two from Parti Amanah Negara. PAS, on the other hand, has 13 state representatives while Umno has 12.

Together with two independent assemblypersons (Khalid and Teluk Datuk state assemblyperson Loh Chee Heng), a coalition between PAS and Umno needs at least two assemblypersons to come on board to form a new government.

I'm being naughty, wakakaka, by not completing the title for the hot Malaysiakini news article where the missing word (omitted by kaytee, wakakaka) is 'unlikely', while I like to imagine (for fun and to poke at Azmin) it's 'likely', wakakaka.

Firstly, a correction on my part to my previous error in saying DAP has 15 ADUN when last year it had already sacked one, Loh Chee Heng (Telok Dato) for alleged improprieties.

Hence a recount of ADUN in the Selangor state assembly should correctly read:

DAP - 14
PKR - 13
PAS - 13
UMNO - 12
Amanah - 2
Independent - 2 (Khalid Ibrahim and Loh)

As the article suggests, the 2 independents + PAS 13 + UMNO 12 total 17, just 2 short of forming a new state government.

Thus the new bloc needs 2 more PKR, and a WhatsApp message named 4 which will be 2 more than required.

The 4 named have been PKR's:

Rodziah Ismail (Batu 3)
Daroyah Ali (Sementa)
Idris Ahmad (Ijok)

who all denied they were defecting,

Yaakob Sapari (Kota Anggerik)

but whose intention has not been reported.

Let's not pretend Khalid Ibrahim has not been sore about his ouster as MB by Anwar (and behind the scene, Azmin) so we can imagine he still has ambition (perhaps to be MB again just to manage state affairs as he likes to do, or to take revenge per se, wakakaka)

He has DECLINED to comment on the rumours that PAS approached him to become the new bloc proposed MB.

What does that mean? Wakakaka.

Factors affecting:

(a) The general election is approaching,

(b) Consent of HRH is mandatory, but who had previously said Azmin has been a better MB than Khalid, so that's an indication of the likely royal prerogative, 

(c) If the purported new bloc has the alleged 31 ADUN comprising PAS 13, UMNO 12, PKR 4 and Independent 2, there is no necessity for a snap election, unless HRH agrees to a likely Azmin manoeuvre to hold it, should the current MB be threatened with ouster too.

What do you think?

And how long will the theoretical new government last, like for example, continuing into the post GE-14 term?

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