Tuesday, May 09, 2017

FAIRER superior’ Indian babies

This is GREAT news for Hindu ultra nationalists, who are the equivalent of Perkasa, Nazis, Afrikan Supremacists, KKK and the British National Party (BNP).

NEW DELHI: A Hindu nationalist organisation is promising to help Indian couples conceive “superior” babies with high IQs and fairer skin than their parents, sparking media criticism.

Karishma Mohandas Narwani, head of the Garbh Vigyan Sanskar project, said it advised prospective parents on how to undergo a “purification” process to ensure their babies were born free of all vices.

“We have to ensure the seed is good, which means the quality of the sperm and the ovum has to be top-class,” Narwani, a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, told AFP on Tuesday.

Fairer skins are superior eh? Like Michael Jackson?

Well, I was thinking of something more simpler than the complicated Ayurvedic posture for shacking, something as per Routine 73 which was also published in the Kamasutra.

I'm not sure of the angle 

If those Indian ladies are willing to take part in this Nazi Aryan project, I would have just recommended the sweeties coupled with blond, fair skin, blue-eyed Nordics.

all we have to do is to persuade him to abandon his vowed celibacy
though those writings on his collar look like Hebrew 

That will ensure the babies will be born with 'fairer skins than their parents.'

As for higher IQs, Chinapeks in Singapore and Hong Kong have the highest IQs. According to IQ Research the IQ by nationality has been tabulated as follows:

1Hong Kong Hong Kong108
1Singapore Singapore108
2South Korea South Korea106
3Japan Japan105
3China China105
4Taiwan Taiwan104
If those Indian ladies don't like Chinapeks they could try Koreans and Japanese, but I am afraid after that it's back to Chinapeks again.

Now the trick is get those ultra Hindu sweeties shacked by Nordics and Chinapeks at the same time.

wow, anytime baby 


  1. Intelligence based on skin colour? Ain't that not discrimination and racist?

    Ah by the way, I am just curious whether you will likewise say 'wow, anytime baby' to a kinky hair, broad noses, large lips and dark skin female PhD student? Wakakaka..

  2. cina + india, color anak jadi kopi susu.

  3. white not superior meh? u can always ask one liar would he choose to live in a whiteman country or an islamic one? or ask a chinese would he prefer china or australia?

  4. The skills and thought processes involved in taking common IQ tests can be taught and learned - like any other exam. Countries such as Hong Kong , Singapore, South Korea and Japan in fact emphasise those skills in their education system, so they have an advantage here. It has nothing to do with any innate ability.

    Indians, on the other hand, are renowned world-wide with Verbal Agility, including in the English Language. The few winners of the Oxbridge debating teams from those not of English mother tongue are mostly from the Indian Sub-Continent. Lee Kwan Yew was one notable exception.