Thursday, May 25, 2017

Silence of PAS

Has PAS condemn the murderous bomb attacks in both Manchester and Jakarta?

Or are they still lamenting the demises of Dr Azahari Husin and Noordin Top some years back (2005 and 2009 respectively)?

Or are they on the phone to Aceh for advice on UUD355?

Aceh - Despite the punishment being over, she was unable to rise to her feet and was seen lying down clutching her shoulder


  1. Better think thrice now b4 applying for UK citizenship...not safe there anymore...but no worries...even if ur life totally a failure there...just come back home...and be our reps...rakyat dun mind them being led by u

    1. If one CAN think thrice than coming back home shows the failure of that thinking process.

      With the increasing radicalization of the young muslims, preferring moronic jihads over race & country, how safe can bolihland be?

      Indonesia is that lead example in SEA. She is far far away from where those incessant Islamic killings/conflicts occur. & yet, u get suicide bombers killing themselves & fellow ummat!

      A religious teaching, or more likely indoctrination, goes haywire!!!

      So, stay put where u r & those majority zombies WON'T want a Nons &/or a liberal Melayu to lead them!