Sunday, May 21, 2017

Slapping others good for career?

From the Star Online:

it sounds very commendable for a person to want to protect another person, be it a national leader or one's offspring, can this justify an act of violence?

In March this year, a woman was sentenced to six months' jail and a fine of RM2,000 by the magistrate's court for slapping a teacher at a school in Sungai Bakap, Penang.

Tan Seow Yen, a 36-year-old mother of three, was charged with voluntarily causing hurt to her child's primary school Bahasa Malaysia teacher L. Vanitha, 38, at SJKC Chong Kuang in Sungai Bakap on Feb 2, 2015. She committed the offence after her son, 10, complained that Vanitha had pinched him for being slow in class.

A case more pertinent to the Sulaiman-Teo incident occurred in Singapore. On April 30, 2015, a man slapped teen blogger Amos Yee.

Yee, then aged 16, was notorious for his rude and vulgar YouTube posts. Shortly after the death of Lee Kuan Yew in March 2015, he uploaded a video, Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead!, in which he compared Lee to Jesus, both unfavourably. He went on to upload a cartoon on his blog of Lee and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher having anal sex.

More than 30 people lodged police reports against him and Yee was arrested and charged under the Singapore Penal Code with "intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians", obscenity, and "threatening, abusive or insulting communication."

On the morning of April 30, as Yee was walking to court for a pre-trial hearing, he was slapped on the left side of his face by Neo Gim Huah.

Neo, 49, was arrested the next day and charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Yee. At his trial, he said he wanted to teach Yee a lesson for being disrespectful and insulting Lee, the country's founding father.

The businessman and father of three was found guilty and sentenced to three weeks' jail.

In both cases, the courts were clear: no one can take the law in their own hands and mete out their own brand of justice.

Immediately after the TN50 forum incident, it was reported that Najib made Teo and Sulaiman shake hands but Sulaiman maintains he has no regrets in his action.

Also from Star Online:

Netizens shocked as Mat Over is special guest at youth event

PETALING JAYA: Netizens are up in arms over a banner in Hulu Terengganu which promoted Mat Over as a special guest at a Youth Day event there.

“Only in Malaysia you get highest honours once you slap people in front of Prime Minister,” Asrul Muzaffar tweeted while sharing the photo of the banner.

Fellow Twitter user Mohsen Alkaff wrote: “I’m nobody but I volunteer myself to replace Mat Over for Hari Belia (Youth Day) event in Terengganu.

“It’s not that I’m good but at least I’m better than him.”

“Youth Day with Mat Over. Is he still considered a youth? He is 60 years old!” Aiediel Jamal said on Facebook.

Terengganu Youth, Sports and Human Resources Committee chairman Datuk Rozi Mamat confirmed that Mat Over was invited yesterday evening as the host for “Santai Bersama Mat Over”, adding that the programme was planned before the scuffle took place.

In Singapore you slapped someone to PROTECT the respect for former (the late) PM Lee Kuan Yew, you go to jail for 3 weeks.

In Malaysia you slapped someone to PROTECT the respect for PM Najib Razak, you get away scot-free(?) and revive your fading acting career, with an engagement in the Land of the Forbidden Tree.

See also FMT's Was Mat Over trying to revive his career? which tells us (extracts only):

A film critic who prefers to remain anonymous said: “Usually, actors who show this extreme behaviour do it for one reason only. Their careers are flagging, and they can get little work. So they wait for an occasion to do something extraordinary, to gain maximum publicity. If you ask me, Sulaiman did this to to get attention. It is as simple as that.

“Sadly, many actors have egos they cannot control. They are used to being in the limelight. Mat Over’s 10 seconds of fame on Wednesday night was beamed all over Malaysia and, guess what, he is back in the news. It boils down to ego. He feels wanted and loved again.”

stop dreaming Najib, I didn't do it for you but all for myself 


  1. This is the more likely scenario:

    To protect the MO1 from embarrassing questions, two procedures r implemented.

    1) the chosen moderator must ONLY selects a pre-determined group of people who would ask the right questions, which the MO1 has the readied answers.

    That's why David Teo complained that the moderator ONLY selected those questionaire from the front.

    2) to safeguard any further loophole, a set of 'guards' is positioned, such that an unwelcomed intruder would be physically removed.

    This also explaines why the official bodyguards of the MO1 didn't intervent.

    Mat Over was ONLY the extra in the plot to make some money le. Just like in any movies. His 10 seconds of fame is the result of unintentionally​ impulsive response for what he was paid for as an extra lah.

  2. a more pertinent question which everyone seems to have overlooked or evaded is to ask najib himself what his thoughts are regarding this shameful episode, are we not interested in what our democratically elected leader has to say...are we not deserving of his wise opinion?

    1. Wakakakaka

      That question was not in the prepared list!!