Sunday, May 28, 2017


A week ago I penned Slapping others good for career? in which I wrote (extracts):

In Singapore you slapped someone to PROTECT the respect for former (the late) PM Lee Kuan Yew, you go to jail for 3 weeks.

In Malaysia you slapped someone to PROTECT the respect for PM Najib Razak, you get away scot-free(?) and revive your fading acting career, with an engagement in the Land of the 
Forbidden Tree

Such must be the complexity involved in analysing the anatomy of a slap that the police have been taking weeks on ends to come to a finding on Sulaiman Yassin (Mat Over) slapping David Teo in front of the PM.

But 'ere the police arrived at their arduous journey of a conclusion for above, another slapping (good also for career?) has taken place in Penang. This time there is complete silence from the police.

At Masjid Jamek Simpang Enam, a Muslim house of prayer for more than a hundred years right in the heart of the Penang Chinese Heartland (just like Masjid Al-Jamiul Azzakirin at the corner of Prangin Road, renamed as Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong and a lane named in my time as Rope Walk and now called Jalan Pintal Tali), the recent slapping took place.

The poor victim was someone I quite disrespect, namely former air force major Zaidi Ahmad, but nonetheless I feel for him as he became a victim of opportunistic so-called Muslims who wanted brownie points from their masters, and had hoped to achieve same by slapping Zaidi when he asked Jalinin Muslimin Pulau Pinang chairman Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin a question.

Arseh*le, that's Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin, wakakaka, couldn't answer the question so he solved his fabrications by slapping Zaidi instead.

All the above was done on the eve of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic year - yalah, menjelang bulan yang tersuci

Arseh*le claimed (fabricated) that the DAP government was interfering with fatwas in Penang but when Zaidi went there to ask which fatwa was interfered with, Arseh*le could not answer for the simple reason no fatwa was interfered with by the state government.

So to solve his bullshitting embarrassment he slapped Zaidi.

Apart from slapping poor Zaidi, Arseh*le berated Lim GE and non-Muslims for various other stuff which seemed to militate against the mental-spiritual preparation of a Muslim for Ramadan. 

Would that prove he is indeed an Arseh*le and NOT a pious Muslim? Wakakaka.


  1. "to militate against the mental-spiritual preparation of a Muslim for Ramadan."


    Believe, u NEVER been to a break fast time with Muslims outside bolihland.

    If u have, then the two makan scenes WOULD indicate to u WHO'S the true Muslim le!!!

  2. What the fcuks are you ranting about?

    1. kt rant that the dedak gang is given the privilege to slap anyone, similarly to their privilege to murder, steal, rob n tell lies in news portal of course. u oso wan translation kah?

    2. no nid, we saw that for 22 long horrible years

  3. Yes, what is CK ranting and raving about?

  4. There is increasingly a culture of impunity for people who declare themselves to be "protecting" or "supporting" the Ruling Regime. Such individuals or groups can virtually get away with anything, with at most the lightest of taps on the wrist.
    A couple of tight slaps to the face is really mild an act compared to far more dangerous activities which have been threatened.

    The elephant in the room is the Kleptocrat-In-Chief who is resorting to extra-legal and "Deep State" apparatus to maintain his grip on power and silence his critics.

  5. what am I ranting and raving about?

    Ranting and raving? How about just a statement of fact that highten yr sensitivity of bulls?

    Anything about Islam, makes u jumppy ke?

    Well dwellers, baca Dan fikir betulx2 lah!