Saturday, May 27, 2017


MM Online - Critic reminds Dr M of previous bid to recruit Geely for Proton rescue (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad travelled to China in 2014 to try and convince Chinese carmaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely) to partner with Proton.

The former prime minister, who this week lamented the loss of his “child” following the sale of a minority stake in Proton to Geely, was reminded of this attempt on Twitter today.

In the tweet addressed at his @chedetofficial account, a user linked an article from the Nikkei Asian Review that reported of Dr Mahahir’s bid together with Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, who owns the DRB-Hicom group that bought Proton Holdings in 2012, to form a partnership with Geely

That's what I said in my post It must be me, me, me only:

Why can't Maddy be proud of Proton (still 50.1% owned by Malaysia) if it becomes successful around the world?

Aiyoyo, such is his conceit and selfishness that he only wants Proton to be successful if he himself runs it.

But then he ruined his many projects, Proton, Perwaja, Maminco, Forex, etc.

Really, Proton is now better without his Minus (not Midas) touch.

In other words, with regards to his pet projects like Proton, if anyone were to suck the whatever of Chinese (from China, not Malaysia) it has to be him and him alone, wakakaka.

In fact, for all his immense dislike, disdain and disregard for Chinese Malaysians since Tunku's days (when he told Alor Setar Chinese he didn't need their votes and which they gave to Yusof Rawa of PAS, wakakaka), he had to swallow his pride in 1999 (post Anwar's expulsion from UMNO and jailing) and suck hard at the Chinese whatever.

Juo-Yu Lin writing for The Brookings Institution in a paper titled 'A Structural Analysis of the 1999 Malaysian General Election' said:

Having sacked Anwar and enduring UMNO's loss of 30% of the Muslim votes in the General Election in November 1999, UMNO's Chairman Mahathir was still capable of leading the country to overcome the financial crisis and its political instability.

But he employed ... the strategies ... of inviting Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji to visit Malaysia, meeting the demands of the Chinese electorate ... He wrote down a big Chinese character ‘’Ren’’ (endurance) during the meeting with Malaysian university students. This move greatly touched both Malayan and Chinese students.

Such were the extent to which he bent down to suck.

Now, wasn't his invitation to Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji to visit Malaysia, and pretending to show interest in Chinese calligraphy just what he has recently criticised Najib for?

Just recently I wrote Mahathir & 'His' Chinese, quoting a Malaysiakini's article, Dr M: Malays should fear 'pro-China PM' more than DAP in which he said (extracts):

The Malays and Umno have more reasons to fear Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's reliance on China than the DAP, according to Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir just didn't/doesn't have any moral qualm or scruple to accuse Najib of whatever when he himself did exactly just what just that.

To top all that, he has even embraced Najib's BR1M, which he had earlier condemned, wakakaka. What a shameless hussy.

Pokoknya, dia mahu undi2 Cina sahaja. Selepas pilihanraya, Cina ni akan disepak balik ke status Cinakui, wakakaka.

But yes, the Chinese Malaysians in 1999 saved his bloody arse. And for what?

The pro Pakatan Chinese are stupid to now support this man. It's one thing to support DAP but it's entirely another to support a man who has always reviled them (until he needed/needs their support).

Just the name of his party Pribumi is already an absolute racist offence to non-Malays, and an omen of his real intentions.

Additionally, these Chinese must be either too young to remember Mahathir's 22-year old draconian profligate rule and his regular disdain of Chinese Malaysians, or they have joined the ranks of Malaysian morons.


  1. China is the biggest car market in the world with about 28 million vehicles sold in 2016.

    Fiat Chrysler has established a 50:50 joint venture with
    Guangzhou Automobile Group.

    Honda has established a 50:50 joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group.

    Nissan has established a 50:50 joint venture with Dongfeng Automobile Group.

    Toyota has established a 50:50 joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group.

    What? Has the Chinese Malaysians joined the ranks of Malaysian-Hypocrite morons? Wakakaka..

    1. Moron, read what u've written lah!!

      STILL don't see yr Freudian slip?

      1) All those foreign join venture partners r established auto giants.

      2) The join ventures operate within China, to tap the local market

      3) So IS the almost failed auto pygmy of Proton, joined venture with Geely, to tap the China market or the SEA with one single Bouye model?

      4) Who calls the shots in these join ventures eh???

      Hope u can fast well in this month of reflection!!!

    2. CK, don't overstep the boundaries of civility

  2. YES, I have joined the ranks of Malaysian morons!

    After all these years of threats of trepidation, via race, religion & ketuanan, bolihland NEEDS a new sopo beginning.


    痛苦所带来的压力就是一切解决办法的动力。破釜沉舟 就是 先死而后生呢。

    Right NOW, only the Melayu (tulin/palsu) can create the necessary changes.

    These Melayu must be sopo awaken & most importantly must have the teloq to do the necessity.

    Mahathir is the right choice with the influences & gut. He comes at the right time, even though he is already in his 90+!

    以毒攻毒 - 利用坏人、坏事之间的矛盾使其自取灭亡。

    Many of the knowlegeable bleeding hearts of bolihland CAN'T & WON'T repel the draconian rules via drastic actions due to their predisposition to their wrongfully interpreted of the political-correctness​. A fews r either betting time to leave, or prepare to submit to the increasingly oligarchic regime.

    The real downtrodden rakyat needs a beacon to rally the call of change.

    Mamak didn't/doesn't have any moral qualm or scruple to accuse Najib of whatever when he himself did exactly just what just that.

    That DOESN'T rule out the fact that he MUST let the present pestilence continues!

    So moron I'm. But deep down it's still better than a wordsmith with an ulterior motive to secure ahjibgor's kleptomaniac rules.

  3. Let's do a 'small data' survey.

    Which of the followings u preferred;

    1) ahjibgor's current kleptomaniac oligarchy

    2) hadi's sure-fire zombieic theocracy

    3) mamak's possible me-me dynasty

    1. whatever, whichever, let's not avoid the post's issue that regarding Geely's purchase of Proton, isn't Maddy a maha-hypocrite?

    2. Do re-read my takes about mamak's diatribes regarding Geely's purchase of Proton!

      Maddy a maha-hypocrite?

      Could be!

      Do u happen to have the dossier of that meeting between mahathir/Syed Mokhtar with the Geely in 2014?

      Details, details, as in the devil is in the details!

      So, can that 2014 negotiation contained the SAME terms as the current HOA(head of agreement)?

      Mamak could be a tough nut but he ISN'T stupid enough to know that his 2014 meeting with Geely would be exposed & be used against him.

  4. Seems like u r been influenced by that numeric acrobat

    Before u continue to quote him, let's dissect some of his subtle facts twisting.

    9) After buying 100% of Volvo from Sweden in 2010, Geely has helped make Volvo a success. Last year, Volvo sold the highest number of cars in its history - it's fourth straight years of record sales.

    The glaring fact is 100% ownership & infused with new workable vision & good & lean management!!

    Proton is still majority owned by the same old same old with the very likelihood of the same management styly! Especially, retaining the gaji buta deadwoods. So, bolih tukar ke???

    10) By partnering with Geely, Proton's survival is more assured. Instead of a market of just 30 million people in Malaysia, Proton can now access a market of 1.4 billion people in China.

    The 30 million people market is protected & while that 1.4 billion people market is open & full of competing big sharks!


    Besides, does the accessibility of China market word into the agreement?

    All is been disclosed is manufacturing & marketing right of Bouye SUV in SEA by Proton.

    As a wordsmith, u SHOULD be able to read between the lines & analyse accordingly. Instead, u r been blinded by yr personal hatred of that mamak le!!!!

    Tsk...tsk...sigh...what has he done to u that yr idol didn't?

    1. CK has been just a lil' too eager to defend his beloved mamak

    2. "a lil' too eager to defend his beloved mamak"!!!!!!

      Bloody hell, those who have followed my writings know my immensely dislike of that mamak.

      But feelings aside, right MUST be defensed even if it's been used to shield one's enemy.

      Unlike some people, tembak shj! Right be damned while writing flowery speech.

      Righteousness my foot, KT aneh!

      Here's a little bit more about the mamak's lost hope about this latest Geely/Proton 'tie-up'.

      Due to his 'ecounter' with Geely in 2014, mamak knows what Geely wants & he definitely knows, VERY WELL indeed, what's the bottom lines of Proton.

      If the 2014 negotiation couldn't be concluded, it ONLY meant there were large differences then.

      Even though Proton was desperate for an external help then, mamak was NOT willing to compromise.

      Forwards to 2017, suddenly Geely is buying into Proton with a 49.9% holding. What gives?

      Besides, Geely has openly declaring a walk out of the deal bcoz Proton doesn't know what it wants!

      Putting two to two together, mamak know his baby is been done with.

      Geely is having an upper hand in this latest deal.

      Proton knows too, & that's why the wishy-washy public disclosure!

      So eat yr heart out, blur-sotongs & bleeding hearts. This time u kenal liwat kaux2 lagi!!!!

    3. aisehman, you're doing it again, wakakaka

  5. Wakakaka ...... fine, Tun is a "hypocrite" that goes without saying. Now answer the question, 1,2 or 3?

    1. 3) should be amended to read more correctly:

      3) mamak's sure-fire (proven) mass destruction of democratic institutions such as the judiciary, senate, constitution etc and the reckless unquestioned profligacy of the taxpayers money in his hair-brained schemes such as Forex, Proton, Perwaja, Bank Bumi, Maminco, etc etc etc, and the racist colouring of the MCS by use of his BTN

    2. 3)should be amended to read more correctly:

      3)bla bla bla mahathir .... n dap/pkr/pan is sleeping n become a cohort.

    3. A bunch of self-proclamed hypocrites at syiok-sendiri mode!


      "mamak's sure-fire (proven) mass destruction of democratic institutions such as the judiciary, senate, constitution etc and the reckless unquestioned profligacy of the taxpayers money in his hair-brained schemes such as Forex, Proton, Perwaja, Bank Bumi, Maminco, etc etc etc, and the racist colouring of the MCS by use of his BTN"

      So u think mamak was/is a maha- hypocrite eh?

      Can he single-handedly did what u have written?

      Ain't joined cabinet responsibility the catch phrase when things turned sour?

      Many of those members of the THEN cabinet r still holding positions TODAY. Especially, yr idol, ahjibgor!!!

      So mamak's established the proven mass destruction of democratic institutions such as the judiciary, senate, constitution etc.

      What has the current administrators do anything about them?

      Instead, they continue fooling around with the adulterated institutions to their advantages!

      Why don't they repel them? No good, will lost the effective tools to govern the blur-sotongs & the bleeding hearts. Right?

      So mamak's had a hand in the reckless unquestioned profligacy of the taxpayers money in his hair-brained schemes such as Forex, Proton, Perwaja, Bank Bumi, Maminco, etc etc etc

      Do those past indulgences give reason for the current continuation of the same old hand-in-the-piggie-bank kleptomaniac takings?

      Yr sifu IS the best in trying this trick to dress up yr ahjibgor's current exposed hair-brained scheme of 1MDB le.

      U conveniently forget that past is done with, while the current can be salvaged!

      So mamak cultivated the racist colouring of the MCS by use of his BTN.

      What has the current bunch of equally racists done with those bigotry acts?

      Ain't they further continuing them with a touch of lethargic​ zombieic Islam?

      Banyak pandai, pushing all the blames to an old man, who is still a fighter, in his twilight year smack yr senses of fairness in all yr hyena smiles.

      Yr current acts, together with yr sifu's, r the true showing of an exploitative political expediency le!

      Mamak has his fair shares of destructive regime. But to totally 被迫吃死鸡 is a REAL telling of u people!

      Keep labelling me for defending a mamak whom I dislike lah. See, if that label can sticks!!

      At least my interpretation of fairness outweights yr calculated kakiampu-ing !!!

    4. aiyoyo amama CK, you continue to ameliorate your beloved maddy's vile crimes of constitutional mutilation and public moneys profligacy. Oh, how you valiantly defend him. Didn't he sack a number of DPMs and the Lord President of the Judiciary who had the effrontery to disagree with him? Aiyoyo

    5. Aiyoyo...r u 就事论事? 如果你不与世俗同流合污就要就事论事!

      Instead u keep on 就人论事,陷入主观,造成对事情的不准确判断!

      If u don't read Mandarin, then get HY to translate it for u.

      Wakakakaka...a silo cockagroo...built on the hatred of a single person le.


    6. ok la, my version of translation, ck imply (wakaka) that u r full of hatred towards christian, muslim, malay, jew, mahathir, anwar, azmin, pkr, pas, therefore yr comments r essentially worthless.

  6. somehow I don't think proton would be sold around the world, unlike Volvo or Lotus who's name are already well established OEM, sure Geely will produce and sell new models here under the proton name just so the ketuanan types will inflate their false pride
    parting 'wisdom' for ah tee to ponder, to err is human, to forgive is divine

    1. but who to forgive? would that be from sincere compassion or exploitative political expediency?

  7. Geely had turnaround Meganese Bronze Holdings - the London Black Cab maker and created 1000 jobs.

    Proton Tanjung Malim plant can produce up to 150,000 cars. Geely has got access to Volvo and Lotus technology and design, so the sky is the limit.

    The population of China is about 1.4 billion and the population of SE Asia is about 623 million. Geely can send Proton cars by slow steamer to China and other parts of SE Asia.

    Aisehman.. Geely said sup sup shui la.. no hal one!

    "YES, I have joined the ranks of Malaysian morons".. ~ CK


    1. Stay truth to the fact rather than hiding behind day dream... lah.

      Hallucinations induced by lack of foods ke???

      Some people is hopeless through & through.

      Civility, my foot lah & u can get it from kt!

      Geely said sup sup shui la iff it has the total control le.

      Otherwise, Proton is ONLY a sidekick on the Lotus main course.

    2. Geely bought proton not for its brand name but for the capacity of its Tanjung Malim plant, a fraction of its production for the domestic market under proton name, the rest would be exported back to China or elsewhere under their own brand which the Chinese are already familiar with, market demands dictate that established brands are preferred