Saturday, May 20, 2017

Malaysian Morons

Malaysia will have a hard time selecting the 3 MOST abysmal stupidest moronic idiots encountered, ever!

I toy around with a few names and wonder my list will make the lowest grade ever for a human.

1. There's the bloke who bullsh*tted about wanting to protect the PM but ended up embarrassing Najib by his samseng behaviour and who unwittingly raised questions about the adequacy of security protection for a PM.

He then claimed it was just a setup, a staged play, presumably to entertain the PM and audience but which his so-called 'setup' partner immediately denied, rejected and sneered upon.

What an utter moron, though as a claimed comedian he must have been always playing a bloody fool, a role for which he is most apt.

2. Then there is a so-called minister who, in response to female concerns about public safety, advised women to dress shabbily (comot) if they want to avoid being harassed. I was rendered speechless by his moronic imbecilic utterly idiotic mentality.

But then, why should I be when previously he was equally moronic and deceitful in wanting to destroy the Pakatan government in Penang by the unconstitutional act of making the state a Federal Territory.

3. There is also another so-called minister, but one with a more racist mentality, who was galvanised by the act of a petty snatch thief, into creating and funding via taxpayers' money, a Lowyat2.

That low class criminal had also started a racist riot in Lowyat Plaza to mask his petty snatch theft. In that riot, he was transformed from being a low class thief into a bumi warrior, though of a Megatron character rather than that of Prime Optimus.

By the by, I wonder what's happening in Lowyat2 now? It's way beyond 6 months since its creation, but are the bumi shopkeepers still provided with rental free stalls?

And hey, what about his Taylor College2?

What new horrors will these 3 be up to next?


  1. My take - the 2 MOST abysmal stupidest moronic idiots encountered ever are TP and RR, the co-drivers of the bandwagon carrying the holy grail for the downing of 1MDB.

    1. No 3rd Party downed 1MDB.

      1MDB dug its own grave by being the willing accomplice in enriching a criminal Kleptocracy and abuse of power.

      All 1MDB's subsequent actions are the result of someone trying to dig more holes to cover up the original hole, which was stolen money.

      The money paid to the false IPIC is gone - diverted , stolen.

      1MDB recently paying IPIC AGAIN for money it claimed to have paid 1st time to "IPIC" several years ago is admission that the first payment to the false IPIC was bogus.

      A separate sovereign country - Singapore - has sent to jail 3 bankers who conducted the 1MDB criminal money laundering transactions through Singapore banks. That is proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law, beyond the control of the dirty tentacles of Malaysian Official 1.

      Right now , it looks like there are only 2 remaining ways to rescue 1MDB, both are highly negative for the citizens of Malaysia.

      a) An outright taxpayer bailout via MOF
      b) An taxpayer bailout by other means through Colonial-style lop-sided commercial project concessions to cash-rich China entities. Essentially surrendering Malaysian sovereignty and massively inflating costs artificially in return for a bailout.

      Rafizi Ramli and Tony Puah are patriot heroes for their intellect and courage in exposing the 1MDB criminal conspiracy.

    2. "a) An outright taxpayer bailout via MOF"

      Partially done as in returning the deposit paid by IWH CREC Sdn Bhd (ICSB) by MOF using taxpayers' money le!

      The deposit of RM741 million and interim payment of RM44.88 million for the relocation of the air force base, Pangkalan Udara Kuala Lumpur was paid to 1MDB which wholely owned the SungaiBesi land via TRX City Sdn Bhd.

      TRX City Sdn Bhd was transferred to the MOF just before the cancellation of the agreement.

      The initial payments were paid to 1MDB but the refund was done by MOF!!!!

      Banyakx2 pandai!!

      A gets the money while still owning B. But C gets to pay the refund just bcoz A has transferred B to C!

      Only a crooked accountant can play with numerics acrobat like that.

      No wonder the blur-sotongs couldn't understand the transactions.

      Kenal rogol kaux2, masih menuji pengrogol ni!!!!

    3. But if the trick is been repeated too often, then the crooked accountant has run out of gimmicks!

      This A-gets-money-while-owning-B-&-C-pays-refund-after-transfer-of-B scheme looks so similar to that
      1MDB-owns-SRC-using-SRC-to-borrow- money-then-transfer-SRC-to-MOF-&- MOF-has-to-bear-the-loan scheme le.


      BTW, only ahjibgor's mindless sycophants WILL call TonyP & RafiziR as a pair of the Terrible Talkcock Twins!

      What r u trying to prove? Selective Alzheimer's of yr part?

    4. There are many types of people, those who don't know but learn up and became learned.

      There are those who refused to learn, they find life easy, just listen to the "piper" and life is a bliss.

      Then there are those who learned but refused to accept the truth because of "manna" etc, now you see it (manna) but the truth will make it disappear.

      So there you are, some keep the brain busy, some maintain the brain "brand new" and some have to "cover the conscience" in order to "make not believe" the brain is telling them.

  2. Wakakaka ....... you started it first. See I've got a double majors with distinctions and a track record of academic achievements. Don't play play ah

    1. v r jantan, we cerai u first. v r still jantan, we will stay on no matter what u people said.

      a bit confuse, the word jantan mean moron kah? wakaka.

  3. When the time comes (tak tau bila, mukin cepat!):

    The moron#1 - the blur-sotongs of the heartland. Dapat di rogol sama orang diri, lagi buat senang hati dan pagi sambutan kuatx2.

    The moron#2 - the zombies finding there is no promised al jannah bcoz they have been conned by their earthly ulamas.

    The moron#3 - the bleeding hearts for always counting on the spurious human decency, guided by the populism of political-correctness.

    1. By dat time u will realize those morons were correct n u were on the wrong side

    2. So, which group u belonged to?

      All the above?

      Wakakakaka..a real single track runaway 🚆.