Tuesday, May 23, 2017

7th PM?

PKR proposing Anwar Ibrahim has not been a popular choice except among the original Pakatan camp, namely PKR, DAP and that offspring of PAS, Amanah.

Pribumi as demonstrated by Mahathir and Moody snubbed the support for Mr Manmanlai.

f**k him, more stimulating to play Sudoku 

Zaid reckoned PKR has been downright arrogant to push Anwar's name forward without first consulting all component parties in Pakatan, but then PKR has always been unjustifiably arrogant, a characteristic of its ketuanan mentality - see my 2013 post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?.

Art Harun explains the non-feasibility of PKR'S proposal here.

Many political analysts explains why Pribumi, to wit, Mahathir, won't support the PKR nomination, namely that Mahathir thinks it has been impractical - for more, read MM Online's Why won’t PPBM back Anwar for PM? Because he can’t be, say analysts (selected extracts):

“In the current political situation, it is impossible for Anwar to be PM. PPBM knows this,” Universiti Utara Malaysia associate professor Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

At the PKR annual congress on Sunday, the party's leaders as well as some from Pakatan Harapan such as Lim Kit Siang and Mohamad Sabu held up placards saying “Anwar as the 7th PM”.

However, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia's Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin both refused to do so.

Although Dr Mahathir did not state his refusal, he had once been adamant that Anwar must never rise to the post.

Despite the two men's history, independent political analyst Khoo Kay Peng believed the refusal to endorse Anwar was down to the PPBM leaders being realistic rather than any old animosity or pettiness.

Well, those analysts have been wrong.

In an earlier post Why Mahathir hates AAB I wrote (extracts):

Continuing my leisurely perusal of Rehman Rashid's Peninsula: A story of Malaysia, I came to its page 20 of its 2nd edition (2016), and read the following (reproduced in parts here):

Mahathir cast about for someone to succeed him, settling as though by default on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Although ..... I have little doubt that the main factor in Mahathir's decision was Pak Lah's antipathy for Anwar ..... If nothing else, Mahathir felt reasonably sure Abdullah would not, in some fit of reconciliatory euphoria, offer Anwar amnesty from the charges levelled against him.

Prior to all the above, AAB had confided to friends that Anwar was not brought up or had grown within UMNO and was merely bud-grafted into the party.

Of course we know that Mahathir was the man who had had Anwar parachuted into UMNO where 'twas said he feared Anwar becoming PAS president (as was envisaged and planned for by the late PAS president Fadzil Noor) and becoming a real threat to UMNO.

Who knows, Hadi Awang was probably pissed off with Fadzil selecting Anwar as his political heir (as president of PAS), wakakaka, hence Hadi Awang's silent animosity towards Anwar even up to today.

Did AAB mean that Anwar being bud-grafted into UMNO would lack the UMNO values including inclusiveness in sharing spoils a la kongsi bersama2? Wakakaka.

At that time when Anwar was on a meteoric rise, it was rumoured his faction in UMNO was feral, ferocious and f**king-grab-it-all in their attitude towards the UMNO's gravy train. Thus his faction upset and was feared by other UMNO factions, leading them to sharpen their knives and further poison their santau (wakakaka) for Mr Manmanlai.

AAB was chosen not so much because Mahathir felt he could easily manipulate the former civil servant (but there was that too) but more because he had believed AAB would not free his bete noire Anwar.

If that was Mahathir's principal consideration in selecting AAB, then the old man must have hated Anwar with a deep deep deep vengeance to rival the Marina Trench. Yes, let's not forget that Anwar was the man who had the effrontery to stage a coup d'etat against his mentor in 1998, wakakaka.

Mahathir has been known to be both (generous &) forgiving to his Chosen Ones (Chinese f**k off, wakakaka), yet at the same time also (vengeful &) unforgiving to his bΓͺte noires, like Anwar Ibrahim and now Ah Jib Gor (plus Rosmah Mansor, wakakaka).

So the political analysts' take that he didn't support Anwar as PKR's nominee for PM has been based on the impracticality of the whole idea missed the core issue of Maddy's deep hatred for Anwar.

Tell me, has he apologised yet to Anwar?

But let's move on to see who else in Pakatan would be a potential and practical 7th PM for Malaysia.

1. Wan Azizah - unwilling and 'unsuitable'

2. Nurul Izzah - too young and inexperienced (though no doubt her name would have thrilled many PKR-ista who have the blind brazen pomposity to call her Princess Reformasi, wakakaka)

3. Azmin Ali - possible but not trusted by DAP who probably view him as of ketuanan mentality, mean and selfish.

4. Saifuddin Abdullah - possible and a good choice but will be politically 'assassinated' intra-party by you-know-who, wakakaka.

5. Saifuddin Nasution - hmmm, maybe possible but let's not forget he was the UMNO Youth bouncer who wrecked Apcet II kau kau in KL, thus an international embarrassment.
6. Chinese, Indians and those from Muslim Parties (Amanah) - forget about them. The DAP and Chinese won't support any Hadi Awang type, and the Malays won't accept any 2nd-class non-Malay Malaysians as PM ever, people like LKS, LGE, Ramasamy, Kula, Goding, Teresa Kok, etc.

7. Moody - it would be a disaster but then politics is the art of the possible.

8. Mukhriz - possible but without Daddy around he will not be politically long-lived.

9. Mahathir - you can have him if you want a second round of his style of government, but bear in mind, this time there won't be so much oil to cover up his mistakes. He is now 92.

10. Zaid - though a man with a good heart but a bit of a loose cannon and not likely to be supported.

Where the f**k is Ayah Pin when we need him, wakakaka.


  1. i am fine with azmin if that really piss off dap.

  2. 7th PM of bolihland...hmmmm...

    Here is some interesting 'small data' for the continuing saga of the bolihland pmship guessing game.

    From the small finding of the IMAN Research project among the belia melayu - encompassing the trust fund babies of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, working-class young Malays of Gombak, aspiring middle-class professionals in Bangi and not forgetting the youth we met in Kedah and Terenganu!

    These sentiments cut across the board:

    1) Resentment and distrust against non-Malays’ economic advancement, and increasingly, of other Malays’ success.

    2) They are pulled into two directions: the violence may be abhorrent but DAESH are their Muslim brothers and sisters. They have to… sort of support them.

    3) Being Malay is equatable to being bad, lazy, corrupt. So the only (identity) we have is being a Muslim.

    4) No matter how hard they worked and did their best to dispel the negative perception others had of the race, it was not good enough. That they had a slim future.

    5) Politicians talk and tout Malay rights, but Malaysia is in a mess. And that can be solved by implementing shariah law in Malaysia.

    6) Even if they themselves were not too sure what hudud was all about.

    7) These r the young, Malay and Muslim. They were feeling more and more disempowered and disenchanted by their own country.

    So analytics, worth yr socks, start to put some thinking cap on & think!

    This group WOULD be the largest voting populace who would decide the political future of bolihland, hence the pm on ge14.

    They r the possible Black swan that could destroy all yr guessings?

    However, one sure thing - the clear islamic reliance in the finding DOESN'T augur well for Bolihland.

  3. the mt liar wrore that it was lks idea to organise the anwar 7pm event, n u blame it on pkr pula as if u know more. so who is lying? u or the liar?

  4. I think that the reason these clowns are pushing for Anwar to be the chosen one,is because they know that Najib and his merry men are unbeatable in GE14.Or else,why choose a candidate who is serving out his prison time to be the wannabe PM.I think that is their excuse for losing.We lost because because the people do not want a PM calling the shots behind bars.

  5. Who will be the 5th CM and the 16th MB will be dependent on who will be the 7th PM? It is too clear for all to see.

    1. Putridified brain!!!!

      Who r the 4th CM and the 15th MB DON'T dependent on who is the 6th PM, right?

      Keep on wetting yr dream lah!

  6. The small finding of the IMAN Research project is in congruent with the findings of the radicalization of the Muslim, especially the youth, in the matured economies.

    1) lost of national identity despite been bornt in that country. Citizenship<ummat!

    2) lost of racial identity despite been bornt/raised within the community. Muslim 1st, bangsa 2nd!

    3) solidly identified with radicalised Islam, just bcoz of the jihad from whosoever, resulting in many blur suicide bombers!

    A rich ground to be manipulated!!

    Bolihlanders prepare for the inevitable!!