Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ahok-isation has reached our shores

FMT - Perkasa offended by planned protest against Naik, Asri (extracts):

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Penang Perkasa has claimed that a protest planned against fugitive Indian preacher Zakir Naik and Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, along with insults hurled against them, constitute insults to Islam.

Insults hurled against Naik and Asri constitute insults to Islam?

Its president, Mohd Nasir Othman, said the protest against the duo, scheduled this Sunday, had caused “unease” among Muslims in the country. [...]

On April 21, Asri posted a poem on Facebook which derided “cow-worshippers”, triggering anger among Malaysian Hindus. However, he later claimed it was directed at Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for his administration’s alleged poor treatment of Muslims in India.

Indian rights group Hindraf later also criticised Asri over two old videos showing him giving talks in which he allegedly denigrated the Hindu faith.

Insults hurled by Naik and Asri do NOT constitute insults to Hinduism?

Looks like the local Islamists are attempting to borrow a page from the Jakarata Ahok-isation, where so-called ulama abused, misused and reduced the great religion of Islam into low-class mob-driven attacking weapons, accusing criticisms of Islamist fascists and ultra right wing ulama as insults to Islam. 

Muslims must be conscious that the singers (unscrupulous ulama, Perkasa) are just bullshitters, while the great song (Islam) remains untouched, pure and pristine.


  1. Melayu palsu champion their version of Islam, & leading the blurx2 heartlanders!

    A potent mix?????

  2. Political criticism of Zakir or Asri is legitimate as long as carried out peacefully.

    However, unfortunately, the protests should not have been associated with a Hindu temple location and an upcoming Hindu religious festival.

    That is a very dangerous conflation of events - protests against Muslim leaders, carried out at a Hindu temple and planned during a Hindu religious festival.

  3. Most muslim protest were carried out after Friday prayers as if they obtained God's approvals.

    JB 'riot attack' outside the sacred place, legitimate tak? Is it dangerous tak? Conflation or no conflation of events.

  4. So u tau this;

    That is a very dangerous conflation of events - protests against non Muslim leaders, carried out at a mosque and planned during a islamic religious festival.

    Ain't most of the zombie activities having such potent mix of elements?

    Or u r talking cock!