Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sivarasa abandoned?

MM Online - Selangor political leaders must abide by Jais guidelines on mosque use, says MB (extracts):

SHAH ALAM, May 31 — Political leaders in Selangor must adhere to the guidelines set by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) on organising of events in mosques and surau so as to maintain the sanctity of these places of worship, said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. [...]

Jakim, Jais, Jawi all dare NOT touch Raja Bomoh

only the Johorean JAN (probably under HRH's directive) had him arrested

what did that say about Jakim, Jais and Jawi?

Sivarasa allegedly marred the sanctity of An Nur Mosque in Kampung Melayu Subang, near here, when he gave a political speech in the mosque, last Wednesday.The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) elected representative, however, denied giving a talk at the mosque, but said he was there to give a short speech on the state government’s commitment to continue assisting mosques and surau in the state.

Mohamed Azmin, who is also PKR vice-president, said Sivarasa had met him to explain the situation but he (Azmin) declined to elaborate on what was discussed.

Mohamed Azmin also clarified that Sivarasa was not representing him as the event was organised by the Subang MP’s office.

Poor Sivarasa, the perpetual "missing man" in the Altantuyaa case. He's now abandoned by Azmin Ali who must be tap dancing through the tulips of the 'sacred cow'.

For more of Sivarasa and the two SD's associated with the Altantuyaa case, please read my post 
The missing man in the Altantuyaa story.


  1. did sivarasa claim he represents azmin? if no then azmin is telling the truth. r u trying to slander azmin again base on hearsay n conjecture?

    1. wah, so swift to defend azmin

      wasn't siva speaking on behalf of pkr, AND WHAT IS AZMIN POSITION IN PKR?

    2. how u know siva speaking on behalf of pkr? unlike dap, pkr treasure freedom of speech, we dun blame everything on the cow.

    3. like they did with Chegubard and a host of others? wakakaka

  2. The truth is the real power is still with HRH.. the Malay Sultanates.

    The key thing is stability in the government and in the state of Selangor, and GE14 is impending near. And who can say HRH is wrong?

    Azmin has checkmated the issue. My praise to Azmin - he deserves a praise, even if I am reluctant to give it to him. A brilliant 'Langkah Azmin' indeed.

    1. Is sivarasa under wawi camp or under azmin camp? Was he among the 5 in pkr who pulled sd to support azmin or is he among those who supported wawi as mb selangor. But in the end azmin was not mb of choice for either dap or pkr...he was mb of choice for pas umno and 5 rebellious pkr

  3. The REAL truth is these morons have made a mockery out of the constitutional monarchy system.

    The ketuanan freaks, led by the egomaniac Manchester liar, r working very hard to insert an imaginary fourth leg into the tried&tested tripartite governing mechanism!

    Note that the bolihland system is already standing on two maimed legs out of the three!

    The blueblood is wrong in piercing his nose into a blow out none event. Why can't he behaves as the QEII, to entice his present day relevancy?

    Let the politikus play their trade lah.

    The unnecessary interference ONLY makes thing boil & create wrong impression about that dying feudalistic tradition.

    Stability in the government is uppermost, right?

    & the voters r NOT all blur-sotongs! Otherwise, they deserve what they vote mah!!!

  4. Kuasa Sultan2 dan Raja2 melayu sekarang hanya sebagai ketua agama dan ketua adat sahaja tidak seperti zaman sebelum merdeka..Sultan2 dan Raja2 berkuasa mutlak..kata Tan Sri Jins Shamsuddin di dewan rakyat in apr 2010.