Friday, May 12, 2017


I was just wondering about a totally hypothetical case of either statutory rape or no rape?

Say, a senior-age woman approached you to inform her underage (below 16) granddaughter was allegedly having sex with a middle-age person.

A police senior officer was present when you together with senior-age woman and victim formally lodged a complaint of statutory rape at a Court.

But nothing officially happened.

You thus printed a book etc to further press your points.

Then the so-called victim subsequently withdrew her accusations by the most popular form of accusations and denials in our country, the Statutory Declaration (SD), in other words that she did never have sex at all with alleged person.

Oh oh oh! Your rug has been pulled from beneath your Samaritan feet.

The person you had been fighting for had withdrew her allegations, thus making you a liar. You have no choice but to withdraw all your allegations/complaints by way of a public apology.

Unfortunately you were also jailed for naughtily publishing untruths about an otherwise outstanding model of a man.

Just a hypothetical legal case to ponder, wakakaka, about what we see as the destructive powers of a SD.


  1. Wakakakaka...

    Didn't u learn anything about SD in the M'sia legal context?

    Yr sifu is one master player, especially those multiple SDs made in relation to Altantuyaa's murder case.

    True to be told, ONLY in bolihland could one see this destructive powers of a SD.

    But then isn't everything happened in bolihland out of the norm? Underscored by the various caveats of raja, ketuanan, Islam & siege mentality of the majority?

    Ooop..almost missed out bodek & dedak too!

  2. The truth/devil is in the details of the SD. Our penal code can convict someone who gives false SD, send him to jail and to pay restitution to those who have suffered.

    1. All penal code system CAN convict someone who gives false SD, send him to jail and to pay restitution to those who have suffered.


      The truth/devil of the question is WHY the SD is been abused so brazenly & openly in bolihland?

      Back to my takes, yes???