Friday, May 12, 2017


Just idling away my time, wakakaka, pondering over a few incongruities.

The party which most hates communism even unto refusing a dead Ong Boon Hwa's ashes back into Malaysia, for burial in his home town, but were most compassionate, considerate and caring with the remains of two of Asia's most murderous mass-assassins known in recent times, has red as its party colours?


A recent spin-off party of above also has red as its colour.

The party which many question about its ecological credentials in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu has green as its party colour.

oh, itukah sebabnya wakakaka

Who's to say Malaysia is not colour blind, wakakaka.


  1. Ditto with yr previous post on SD.

    Just replace SD with colour blind.

    Walla...yr incongruents r almost solved!

  2. Normally, the chief does not make all the decisions; it's always 'them' that dictate what the chief decides or does.

    1. What?????

      The chief MIGHT not make all the decisions, BUT he/she MUST be awared of all the going-ons within the setup.

      Otherwise, he/she is a prodded-up nincompoop front leader!

      Could that be possible in a kleptomaniac theocracy, like pas &/or sapu-all elitist oligarchy, like umno?

      Hmmm..'them'!! Just like THAT self-appointed syura council &/or 'elected' mt of that u-know-whos?

      Must be learning from Wordsmith101 in a terbalik madrasah somewhere.