Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Catch people for not fasting?

MM Online - Stop arresting people who skip fasting, Khairy tells religious departments (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — Minister Khairy Jamaluddin urged religious departments today to help the poor instead of nabbing Muslims who skip fasting during Ramadan, a punishable offence under Shariah law.

“Instead of religious depts spending money on enforcement ppl looking for people ponteng puasa, use them to help ‘asnaf’ and to do good,” the youth and sports minister tweeted.

The word “asnaf” refers to those who are eligible to receive zakat collections, including the poor.

“In terms of awlawiyat (priority),it is more important we help the needy than enforce personal religious obligations. There is no compulsion,” he added.

Khairy, however, admitted that it was “difficult,” when a Twitter user suggested that he put his proposal in a manifesto and to expand it to the entire concept of moral policing.

“This is difficult. I will be honest with you. Years of bureaucratisation of religion has created a behemoth. Almost sacrosanct,” Khairy replied @zurairi.

read here on JAWI's religious persecution of innocent Nik Raina

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The MM Online headlines is a bit incomplete. It should have read (in kaytee's words, wakakaka):

Instead of religious depts spending money on catching people ponteng puasa, it should use those very expenses to help ‘asnaf’ (poor and those who deserve to receive zakat) and to do good.

But our religious ulama and their staff love to persecute, punish and prohibit people, even when they are innocent like Nik Raina and a married couple who was recently caught for so-called khalwat, a mistake that JAWI has steadfastly refused to apologise for its flabbergasting error - how to apologise when JAWI and sister organisations deem themselves above mortal reproach?

So why should they waste money helping the needy when they so enjoy nabbing people and humiliating, embarrassing and bullying them? More fun what!

Nonetheless I'm glad a Muslim has finally spoken out against so-called 'moral police' (paid by non-MUslim tax money) bullying and punishing people into fasting, which essentially is a covenant of faith between a man and his God - Islam is NOT the only religion that practises fasting but all other religions do NOT enforce fasting.

And KJ is correct that Years of bureaucratisation of religion has created a behemoth, meaning the JAN (jabatan agama negeri-negeri) have grown into uncontrollable monsters.

Guess who proclaimed Malaysia a fundamentalist Islamic state in 2002? For more, read Lim Kit Siang's 929 & 617 Declarations, wakakaka.


  1. aduh still read lks kah? u r so boring one. mahathir sudah change, lks oso change, thats y now dap support mahathir. moreover mahathir only declare, najib vote with hand n foot, u miss the elephant again?

  2. Yr fixation on running down mamak has become yr daily quest le.

    Similar to yr constant diabetes for manmanlai!

    Can I ask u a question?

    Which is more evil in yr mind, the initiator of a bad deed, or the continuing promoter of the same deed?

    Don't wakakakaking or trying to twist the question over le!

    It has a same profound logic on yr consistent anti-zionist mindset.

    In fact, for that matter, anything uvsay u r against!


    1. Chinese can deal with corruption but cannot with a racist dictator

    2. Ee...ehhhhh...

      What sort of cockagroo r u using to avoid a simple question?

      BTW, does that question has anything to do with been Chinese (M'sians)?

      What r u trying to profile?

  3. I went to school during the Mahathir era.
    Like any teenager I was very sensitive to, and rebelled against whatever I saw as unnecessary rules and regulations.

    What I clearly see is the myriad Official Restrictions and Prohibitions (and Punishments) placed against Muslims in the country by bureaucrats have snowballed, especially in the last 8 years (Hint).

    So, if we are to hold the person who hold power accountable, who should it be ?

    1. You are spot on , but too polite and indirect.
      The blog author is making a big mistake letting the current Prime Minister off the hook on the issue.

      Najis is not only corrupt and incompetent. Add to that his dalliance with religious extremism.
      Najis is on record praising ISIS. His ongoing dance with PAS on RU355. His silence on Islamist bureaucrats' overreach.
      Its as if Bill Clinton (if Monica Lewinski infamy)were trying to court the Christian fundamentalist right for political gain. Clinton, amoral as is, was not such a hypocrite as Najis is.

    2. looks like Najib is competing with Mahathri for the title of Chief Hypocrite. But Puad, the rot started in 2002, not just 8 years ago according to your wishful thinking, wakakaka. For more, see Lim Kit Siang's "929 & 617 Declarations" - https://limkitsiang.com/archive/2002/jun02/lks1658.htm

    3. Playing blur ya???

      Blur-sotongness isn't yr act of pelakon le!!!

      Granted that the rot might have started in 2002, BUT can't it be reverted when the initiator retired!

      Instead, it's been strengthened​ & propagated​ wide & strong as mentioned by Puad le!

      Yet, this hypocrite could continue to defense the indefensible by repeating mamak's old deeds as if those r casted in stone!

      Maybe yr idol has no teloq, to repel what mamak has done! Betul tak???

      Oooop..lupa dia tu orang hen-picked. Only what hippo days, goes.

      Or he is conveniently mastered the same acts to enhance his kleptomaniac takes from the bolihland piggie bank.

      Please lah, mana maruah awak, or yr lost honour???

      Or it has never been in yr personal procession in the first place when 'manna' is so easily pocketed !!!

    4. Maddy Pandora opened the Box in 2002

      and where is yours, when your desperation are so telling, wakakaka

    5. So the hen-picked got no teloq to close the Pandora's box ke?

      Or the opened box suit him fine in continuing the pilferage?

      What's my desperation?

      In defending the mamak's past deeds?

      Oui...bolih baca & faham betulx2 ke?

      I ONLY point out that mamak's past deeds SHOULD be a shared responsibility, together with those rats in the same hole!

      Moreover, some of those rats r in power NOW & u shake crocodile tears NOT to condemn them for NOT repelling whatsoever bad deeds mamak & them had conspired to make!


      I know mine!

      But yrs?

      .. tsk...tsk..sigh.... bulls lah!

    6. Pandora Box once opened cannot be closed. Besides the evil has been released

    7. Hahaha...what kind of atheist r u?

      The fairytale​ kind - PROBABLY believe dia tu tak bolih tutup selepas buka.

      But the proverbial kind - believes it CAN be destroyed bilax2 Masa, given the will le!!!

      Otherwise, what good is benevolent acts after the cruel beginning for a very bad deed?

      Paraphrased yr logic - DON'T provide/do any salvaging helps THAT r essentials​ to save more life after a disaster.

      The god demands it, thus let the universal sufferings persist, as u've so well put - "Pandora Box once opened cannot be closed"!!!

      Ain't atheists believe in the WILL of human than the power of a imaginary super being?

      Wakakakaka.... What have u been smoking such that word-twistings of such caliber CAN appear!!!

      Banyakx2​ jatuh standard le!

    8. an atheist is a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods, but not necessarily Pandora, wakakaka

      and who says atheists believe in the WILL of human [more] than the power of a imaginary super being

      atheists just don't believe in god or gods, full stop

      jangan begitu desperate lah

    9. Banyakx2 pandai le!!!!

      Wordsmith par excellence mah!!!!!


      Don't believe in God & yet can accept the necessarily Pandora box!

      Wa laueh!!

      Atheists believe in the WILL of human [more] than the power of a imaginary super being, otherwise how the logic of his/her natural world exist?

      Like the blur-sotong believe in things just happen, PERIOD!!!

      With yr continuation in semantics, why do we need court jesters le????