Monday, May 22, 2017

Rafizi's "Interim PM" my foot

MM Online - Rafizi: Here’s how PKR will make Anwar PM (extracts):

SHAH ALAM, May 21 — PKR’s Rafizi Ramli outlined today how his party planned to make Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister even though the PKR de facto leader is currently incarcerated.

The party vice president explained that if Pakatan Harapan takes over the government, the bloc would first make current parliamentary Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail interim prime minister, which has been agreed by the DAP and Parti Amanah Negara.

Dr Wan Azizah, who is PKR president and Anwar’s wife, would then help her spouse to be released from prison and a by-election would be held to make Anwar a Member of Parliament, and subsequently PM, Rafizi explained.

“People say PKR is delusional in claiming Anwar is PM when he is still sitting behind bars but it is possible.

“Wan Azizah will be interim PM and then Anwar will be PM. I am confident that she can help him to be released and a by-election can be called for in a month or two to make him PM,” he said during his wrap-up speech at the PKR congress today.

Rafizi Ramli is not known as one of the Terrible Talkcock Twins for nothing, wakakaka.

For a start, there is no such strange creature as an "interim PM", constitutionally or otherwise. There is of course a PM, DPM, acting PM and deposed PM, so on so forth, but nay, indeed there is no "interim PM" as Rafizi would have us believe.

It probably belongs to the class of mythological creatures such as unicorns, dragons, phoenix, roc, griffin, etc.


Wan Azizah can and may (wakakaka) become the next PM and NOT the next "interim PM". If she resigns to make way for another person, say, Anwar, to be PM, then the next person will become PM (not "interim PM").

OK leave that Rafizi-bullshit of "interim PM" aside and let's make a few typical assumptions for the outcome of the next general elections, based on the current 222 seats in federal parliament, for Pakatan to win, namely:

1. DAP wins 45 seats (instead of the 50 to 55 touted)

2.  Pribumi wins 35 seats (say it successfully rips off UMNO somewhat, wakakaka)

3. PKR miraculously wins 35 seats (and I am being kind here, wakakaka) and

4. Amanah wins 15 seats by ripping off PAS, wakakaka.

That will give Pakatan 130 seats, which means BN will end up with 92.

A simple majority of parliamentary seats to rule as government of Malaysia is 112 (out of 222).

But hang on, now read this from the Star Online - Opposition backs Anwar as next PM (extracts):

Soon after party president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail delivered her policy speech, leaders and delegates from PKR and other Opposition parties who attended the congress, including DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and Parti Amanah Negara president Mohamad Sabu, stood up and held placards written with the words: “Anwar, 7th Prime Minister”, indicating their solidarity with PKR in endorsing Anwar as the country’s next top leader.

But the overwhelming support for Anwar in the congress was not shared by Tun Dr Mahathir Moha­mad and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

Dr Mahathir, the Parti Pribumi chairman, was on his smartphone ...

Anyway, we can have DAP (45), PKR (35) and say, Amanah (15) supporting Anwar as PM. That gives a reasonably strong backing of 95 MPs.

But a grumpy Olde Man, who detests Anwar, will order Pribumi to object.

If Najib steps down after UMNO's monumental loss (and may Allah swt save his soul from an angry Olde Man), the Olde Man will order those racist clowns to return to the Mothership (UMNO), then Pribumi and BN will have 35 plus 92 or a total of 127.

127 is not only greater than 95, but represents a simple majority of seats in parliament to rule Malaysia. Hisham or Zahid will have to accept Mukhriz as DPM, that is, if they want Pribumi's seats a la 916, wakakaka.

Thus it's even likely Wan Azizah may not even get to be "interim PM".

Then the bad olde days of 1981 to 2003 will return, wakakaka.

UMNO Baru-er, wakakaka again.


  1. There is such a person as an Interim Leader or Interim Prime Minister (where it relates to the Prime Minister's position) in Commonwealth countries. Canada and Britain have, along the way, had Interim Prime Ministers.

    Constitutionally , maybe not a formal status, but in actual fact.

    An interim Prime Minister is a person who has been selected so by the party in majority, but it has been made clear either by the person himself, or by the party, as only holding the position until the party selects its actual candidate. This is usually a stop-gap measure to prevent a government vacuum on the one hand, and also allow the party time to debate and settle who should be its actual leader.

    Not to be confused with a Caretaker Prime Minister, who is just "caretaking" vital government business when Parliament has been dissolved , until the new government is elected, or Acting Prime Minister, who is only temporarily taking up the position while the Prime Minister is away or ill.

  2. i somehow share yr take on pribumi n mahathir, but do u have a better option? ask dap to contest in 100 seats like what pas did? moreover yr theory have one flaw, if ph do really win that many seats, would that not mean umno n pas already become a mosquito party? then hard to tell who could be the ultimate winner. however shd this really happen, the message is clear, umno can be beaten.

  3. Interim or no interim...check d reality first...only nnif only if...pkr ppbm and pan can bring those seats...only those who believed in their own propa will feel so confident...but then when ph is still open to pas to join them...reality check can be dream on

  4. the call for the oppo to name their pm designate is just another strategy to create animosity among the oppo and perhaps split them further and pkr just took the bait
    contrary to what your good buddy in Manchester is trying to expound, the oppo do have capable candidates to take on the role of prime minister
    level headed people are capable of electing under concensus, a leader amongst themselves when the need presents itself,
    anybody can be a leader if he surrounds himself with good people and capable advisors but you got to win first

  5. The opposition have to come up with a better candidate,one which both sides can accept.Anwar is a spent force,not to forget a felon.If Anwar is the best candidate the opposition can offer,then they are already fighting a lost cause.

    People do not forget what happened to our educational standards,when Anwar was the education minister.People do not forget who put non Chinese speaking Malay headmasters in Chinese schools.What about ketuahnan Melayu and op's lalang?

    Even the old man,Dr Mahathir will be a better candidate.If Mahathir stands as a PM candidate,it will be a 50/50 chance for either sides.If not,then maybe Zaid Ibrahim.No?Anwar or Muhyiddin?Yes?Then,it will be Najib's Umno/BN with a landslide and a 2/3's majority.

  6. Once upon a time, the late Fadzil Noor told me that Anwar could never be the PM. An awesome foresight indeed.

    Anwar had failed to unite UMNO, and he had miserably failed to unite the opposition too. How could Anwar be the PM?

    Even TDM said my deputy had extra-marital sex with some women, had masturbated his sodomy partner, etc etc.. and that's why he was on his smartphone instead of holding his placard 'Anwar PM Ke 7'.

    For this GE14, it would be lucky if DAP and PKR could retain Penang and Selangor.

    For PAN delegates, during this Ramadan month, you all must pray and pray and pray that PAN can win at least one seat in the GE14.

  7. Where there's a will, there's a way. Have you not heart this before ?? Admin?? At least the oppo pact stick to their policy...with a compassionate heart. That really matter.

  8. The choices of the opposition (shadow) cabinet have always been a bull-eye for bn to arrow, time & again.

    BN plays it- rough & tough, purely bcoz it knows the malay psyche as such that;

    1) no visible Nons SHOULD be appointed to the key cabinet positions.

    2) no liberal Melayus in positions that can erode the sacrosanctity of raja/Islam/special position

    The opposition, due to its ketuanan gene infested opportunists, agrees.

    Otherwise, it think it will lose a big chunk of supports from the heartlanders & the urban Melayu. A persistent electoral myth of bolihland.

    Thus, the ongoing ambiguity of that decision from the opposition camp.

    Everything boils down to race/Islam again & again!!!! Leading to the TOTAL rejection of a meritocratic selection of able personnel to administrate the states.

    Once, the 2R is been confronted, the fatalistic ketuanan freaks & zombies WILL ensure a monkey to lead THEM to the hellhole rather than to ensure the continuity of the COUNTRY's prosperity.

    It goes against the EVERY fine grains of good governance!

    The opposition SHOULD just DO IT & name its shadow cabinet members.

    It might be causing a big turmoil with the electoral. Then it might not.

    There r sensible Melayu out there - silent but knowing.

    It's time to judge how far has the Melayu been advanced in their thought maturity & thus be able to eliminate the ghost of their infantile siege-mentality.

    One can ONLY hope some of them can see the forest for the trees in a BIG picture way.

    Otherwise, this country is too deep into the tongkat induced comfort mood to realise that failed state is just around the corner!

    1. too right mate, and overlaying the 2 R's is personal greed (eg. how wan azizah was stopped from being mb)

  9. Aren't the rural folks whose Felda land being stolen by dUmno have had enough?