Friday, May 12, 2017

Claw marks on door sill

Some people do not know when to leave, even when shown the door, wakakaka.

PAS exco members in Selangor come to mind. They ignore the unwelcome sign, saying they have a "mandate" from the people.

What was that "mandate"?

Was it to split off with Pakatan and makan dedak?

Another incident that comes to mind was when UMNO opened its headquarters in Penang. You should have read what the newspapers published, of Anwar’s effusive tribute of sycophantic adoration for Dr Mahathir who was the guest of honour opening the building.

This was just after his vanguard to oust the Old Man headed by then-UMNO Youth Boss Zahid (now DPM, wakakaka) attacked Mahathir for cronyism, nepotism and god-knows-what-else, but had had that attack ricochet disastrously at the Anwar faction.

Alas, by then (in Penang) Dr M's hatred for Anwar's gross treachery was far too great, and Anwar's attempt to angkat/bodek the old man was a case of too little too late. Anwar by then had no future in UMNO.

If UMNO was that bad as Anwar subsequently claimed, then he should have left long ago to conduct his reformasi. Did he?

He was in fact asked this question on a western TV but was embarrassingly silent, failing to answer why he didn't leave UMNO.

I know why, you know why, everyone in Malaysia knows why.

No, unlike Zaid Ibrahim, he did not resign from UMNO with dignity but rather clung on for dear life, screeching, screaming and shrieking as he was dragged away in 1998, virtually leaving claw marks at the UMNO door sill.

Yet, on the day he went to jail his so-called reformasi was created virtually overnight, despite the afore-going facts showing he was hardly the person to have intents of political reform.

He overstayed his time in UMNO, just as PAS is now overstaying itself in the Selangor State government.

Today Malaysiakini reported that:

Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali met with Selangor PAS commissioner Sallehen Mukhyi and three exco members from the party this morning.

This comes following the PAS syura council's decision yesterday to sever political cooperation with PKR.

The meeting, which ended at about 10am and lasted approximately an hour, took place at the state secretariat building, and was attended by Sallehen, Iskandar Samad, Zaidy Abdul Talib and Ahmad Yunus Hairi.

Speaking to reporters later, Azmin, who is also PKR deputy president, said he summoned the PAS officials to obtain an explanation from them regarding their position in the state government, following the syura council's decision yesterday.

"They have already provided an explanation and I will study it," he said, refusing to elaborate further.

What explanation would be necessary?

Dei PAS, tolong lah, show a bit of dignity and resign from your exco positions.

Bukan Melayu yang mudah lupa, ..... tetapi ...

... Melayu PAS yang ta'malulah, wakakaka.

We now see claw marks on the Selnagor state exco door sill, wakakaka - more work for Speaker Hannah Yeoh.


  1. i dun understand how u could compare zaid n anwar. zaid is a nobody in umno, he resign no resign dun really make a diff. talking abt dignity, didnt zaid now work closely with mahathir, n dap oso also stand behind mahathir, so what kind of dignity u expect from politician?

  2. PAS bercerai dengan DAP talak 3. PAS bercerai dengan PKR talak 1.
    Ok lah tu PAS dengan PKR walaupun bercerai masih berbaik baik lagi.. boleh berkerjasama lagi... boleh rujuk bila bila masa.. tak payah letak jawatan. Bukan begitu?

    1. cerai tapi masih baik baik lagi? interesting.

    2. Wakakakaka..

      The most popular 'argument' given by the actors/actresses​ of the made-belief cinema world when they split with their matrimonial vow.

      Perhaps the politikus have learnt something from them. After all both group r living in a artificial setting!

  3. Zahid has the dignity to resign from UMNO while Anwar hung on for dear life until he was played out by ENEMIES UNDER THE BLANKET and that led to his detention in the Sg Buluh Resort.