Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tony Blair - Power Crazy War Criminal?

The British ambassador to the USA at the time leading to the US illegal invasion of Iraq, Sir Christopher Meyer, condemned Tony Blair for being so seduced with his close involvement with US power that he failed miserably to caution and advise President Bush not to be a gungho cowboy in the international arena.

In fact, Sir Christopher blamed Blair for the state of anarchy that is Iraq today.

The US would NOT have gone to war alone, but once Britain under Blair agreed to stand beside it in its aggressive adventure, and expressed that very strongly as well, the Americans perceived that it was all system go.

Sir Christopher

"We may have been the junior partner in the enterprise, but the ace up our sleeve was that America did not want to go it alone. Had Britain so insisted, Iraq after Saddam might have avoided the violence that may yet prove fatal to the entire enterprise."

He then sneered at Blair’s lack of appetite to bargain with Bush.

"Tony Blair chose to take his stand against Saddam and alongside President Bush ........ It is the definitive riposte to Blair the Poodle, seduced though he and his team always appeared to be by the proximity and glamour of American power."

In that, Blair had failed utterly in the golden opportunity to moderate President Bush. In fact, we may even say that thanks to Blair, many tens of thousands, if not more than a
hundred thousand Iraqis had perished due to his addiction to the power that was the USA.

History will one day remember Tony Blair as the man who gave Bush the
motivation and encouragement to attack and kill Iraqis.

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