Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hebrew Warrior Smote Evil Canaanite

I blogged on this story before (last year, I think?).

To recapitulate, Iman al-Hams, a young 13 year old girl was not only wounded or shot dead by Israeli troops but subsequently had more than a dozen bullets pumped into her even when she was lying immobile.

The perpetrator of the act of hatred? An Israeli captain who yelled to his troops: "Anything that's mobile, that moves in the zone, even if it's a three-year-old, needs to be killed."
His own troops reported his act of sheer hatred and utter cold blooded brutality.

The Israeli Army tried to cover up his vile act, by lying that they shot a 16-year old girl running away after she had planted explosives at an army outpost. Obviously the Army had to jack up the age to that of a probable fighter (not good for the world to see a captain of the much vaunted Israeli Defence Force slaughtered a 13 year old girl) and fabricated the inclusion of explosives to spin a Palestinian act of evil, all in order to exonerate the perpetrator. 

But as a result of its own troops' admissions, the Army had to revise that bullshit - it withdrew the part about the explosives.

It then quickly held an internal military investigation to clear the soldiers from any wrong doing, but unfortunately for them an Israeli TV station somehow obtained military communication tapes showing that those soldiers were aware the target was a wounded girl of about 10, who was scared to death and trying to run away. Of course by then , the captain had walked over to her and pumped a dozen bullets into her.

Using its usual delaying tactics for such incidents, the Israeli military deliberately dragged the re-trial until it felt that everyone might have forgotten about the incident of brutal murder.

It has now acquitted the captain who had actually ADMITTED firing DELIBERATELY into a PROSTRATE Palestinian schoolgirl last year. The accused had also ADMITTED ordering his soldiers to kill anyone who entered a free-fire zone even if it's a three-year-old.

However, records indicated that the accused had initially denied emptying an entire magazine load of bullets into the child. He lied that he had come under fire from unknown Palestinian gunmen while inspecting her body, and thus fired into the ground beside her body in response.

Somehow the more than a dozen bullets went into the little girl's body.

Then he switched his story and claimed in his trial (probably briefed by his defence lawyer or even the Israeli Army) that ‘confirmation of kill’ was SOP or standard operating procedure. The phrase ‘confirmation of kill’ referred to the Israeli army terminology for shooting a fallen person at close range to ensure they are dead.

In that tragedy, the ‘fallen’ Palestinian was just a mere 13-year old girl who was either wounded or already dead. And it took the "brave" Israeli army captain to unload a whole magazine of bullets to 'confirm' the kill.

Given all that, the captain was only charged with a minor misusing of his weapon and attempting to persuade his troops to give false evidence. Yesterday, perhaps feeling that the affair had already blown by, the Israeli army military court acquitted the officer of the Givati Brigade completely of all charges, even those minor ones.

Forget about the usual Israeli military lies when they brutally killed innocent Palestinians. Afterall, it was a heroic episode of an intrepid mighty Hebrew warrior who smote an evil Canaanite.

Which case has been more evil? This one or the beheading of teenage girls in Sulawasi as blogged in my earlier posting Beheading of Teenage Girls - 5 Suspects?


  1. What happened to my earlier comment?

    Do the Palestinians, Iraqis etc habitually have "innocent" looking people kill themselves and soldiers eg asking for help from a soldier and then blowing themselves and the soldiers up when they come to help? It's very easy for one who is sitting in the safety of one's home to criticize, and much harder when your life is on the line everytime you encounter a innocent-looking Palestinian etc. Believe this happened during the Vietnam War too.

    So, it is a no brainer that it is definitely more evil to behead teenage Christian girls in Sulawasi just because they are Christians.

  2. I don't see any previosu comments. Probably you didn't publish it successfully. I will reply to your comments in a posting rather than here. Standby.