Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Michelle Leslie - to Islam & back

The transformation of Michelle Leslie has come full circle, from lingerie and underwear model, sometimes donning only body paint, to a staunt Muslim wearing the burqa after she was arrested, and back to her old pre-arrest self.

Ameer Ali, a community leader of Aussie Muslims has this to say:

"I have no message for her and the message for Muslim community, just ignore the issue, don't react to these things, this is one person, she want to be a Muslim now she is renouncing it ... so what? We don't lose anything by that."

"The community does not become strong by Leslie becoming a Muslim or weak by she not becoming a Muslim, so it's a non-issue for us and I don't know why the fuss about the whole thing."

Leslie faces questioning from the media on her arrival in Australia about her Islamic conversion. Virtually everyone has been sceptical about her so-called covert conversion.

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