Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dangerous Fried Chicken

Apparently eating at or going near a chicken fast food restaurant can be bloody dangerous to one’s health.

Some people near a KFC (for oldies, that’s Kentucky Fried Chicken) found that out to their grief. 3 died while 12 others were injured.

And I am not talking about the effect of avian flu.

Today in Karachi, Pakistan, as-yet unidentified terrorists set off a car bomb explosion next to a KFC outlet. Some said the dead could have numbered 6 rather than just 3.

Pakistani Islamist militants have been targeting American businesses and outlets such as KFC and McDonalds.

I wonder whether the blast had anything to do with President Musharraf's boast 2 days ago when he expressed confidence that American hotels in the country are safe from attacks like those that had occurred in Jordan. In fact Musharraf went so far as to aver that Pakistan has those terrorists on the run.

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