Friday, November 11, 2005

Azahari Husin - Doctor of Sufferings

Dr Azahari Husin PhD was a property evaluation expert. He turned away from his academic profession to ‘write’ a new doctoral thesis in suffering.

In his personal capacity he wasn’t a stranger to suffering, experiencing the trauma of his wife’s throat cancer. When he embarked on his fanatical and sinister pursuit, he realised his children would suffer from being watched by the police of his country. There won't be any privacy in their lives - undoubtedly their telephone and conversation would have been monitored to seek a link to his whereabouts. A man constantly on the move, he wasn’t allowed and indeed no longer entitled to live the live of a normal loving husband or father.

Apart from his wife’s unfortunate cancer, those sufferings were of his own choice.

Some who knew him said he was most vulnerable to influence during a stressful period that was associated with his doctoral pursuit at Reading University. But in his 'new' docoral thesis on sufferings, he took on even greater stress.

In his 'dissertation' on human sufferings, he conducted his perverted experiments, inflicting inhumane sufferings on others. The people of Bali (twice over), Indonesian staff of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, staff and guests at the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta, and locals of various other places in Indonesia suffered from his devastating bombs. In each and every spot he terrorised, there would always be innocent passerbys who were killed and injured.

Innocent men, women and children died or were badly maimed by Azahari’s heinous creations, those deadly bombs carried by suicide volunteers. In his model of terrorism, he made no distinction between the officials or civilians, Westerners or Indonesians, Muslims or adherents of other faiths, enemies or those innocents.

He was the classic anarchist though he struck at his victims under the banner of Islam.

In the end he failed to complete his doctoral thesis on sufferings, for he left without completion of the viva voce.

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