Wednesday, November 30, 2005

China to Malaysia: "Apology Alone Not Enough!"

Though Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, Wang Chungui, has spoken like the diplomat he is, there is growing resentment in China over the abuse of her citizens in Malaysia.

The China Daily reported that the Chinese Foreign Ministry have “made many representations to local authorities” and have urged Malaysia yesterday to investigate and severely punish the troublemakers in several incidents alleging abuse of Chinese women while in police detention.”

Got that – “urged” which is pretty strong words in diplomacy, and “severely punish”, which doesn’t require explanation other than to remind us that this was already in diplomatic terms, so in real terms …..... yes, you guess it!

It acknowledged that Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has apologised for the series of incidents relating to the humiliation of Chinese tourists by police in suburban Kuala Lumpur, and has also vowed no cover-up in investigating who had been responsible for the abuses.

This is the part that Malaysian media dare not or won’t print.

The Beijing Evening News quoted Ambassador Wang Chungui as saying that "apology alone is not enough. Those culprits in the abuse cases must be punished."

I don’t believe that China will accept the Deputy Inspector General claim that the person who took the video clip of the Abu Ghraib-ish abuse, as the culprit who had abused her citizen. Everyone knows it’s that policewoman in the video clip, and vicariously, her superiors, and for the other cases of abuse at the same station of horrors, other police personnel involved.

The Ambassador also urged the Malaysian Government to speed up the investigation and make public the results.

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  1. Well, I think their anger's pretty justifiable. If some Msian chicks received the same treatment in foreign countries, the entire nation will be filled with righteous fury too.