Thursday, November 24, 2005

Michelle Leslie - an Overdone Innocent Victim?

Contrary to my earlier posting that notoriety was good for Michelle Leslie’s career because everyone, including and especially her agency, Chic, was assuring her that she will be most welcome back to the modelling business (see my previous posting below), today’s news must come as a shock for her.

Her agency has dropped her off like a hot potato. Chic Management announced today that it has terminated its 4-year old professional relationship with Leslie. But Leslie’s spokeman retorted that she had resigned from the agency instead, and not the other way around. He claimed that Leslie had faxed in her resignation yesterday.

Her spokeman said that Leslie needed some time to recuperate from a horrendous experience.

I have a feeling that her modelling agency must have sensed the growing Aussie antipathy for her, since her release, because of her behaviour and her claim of innocence. But no worries, afterall, she did say that her first priority is to marry her boyfriend.

BTW, there is a cheeky list of job options for Michelle Leslie here.

Michelle Leslie & the Sweet Aroma of Notoriety

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