Sunday, November 06, 2005

US Black Site in Udon Thani, Thailand

Following the Washington Post recent relevation of US black sites across the globe, where extreme torture have been employed to interrogate whomever the US military or intelligence nabbed, without fear of being found out or brought to legal account in US courts, the international Red Cross, European Union and human rights groups are demanding explanation from not only the USA but also specific (former Eastern) European governments on those secret prisons.

Those Eastern European nations have, as Thailand has too, denied that their countries hosted the US ‘black sites’.

The Europeans are particularly annoyed that their ‘new’ members have been included among the accused, as such torture chambers violate human rights laws such as the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Convention Against Torture, which all EU nations are required to follow.

Human rights groups are urging official investigations. Those groups had obtained records showing a CIA-chartered aircraft had used special airstrips in Poland and Romania in 2003, around the time the US was transporting al-Qaeda suspects from Afghanistan. Poland and Romania are two rather poor European nations that are heavily dependent upon US aid.

Thailand has been denying like hell that it hosts such a US Gestapo-like cell. The political and security fallout could be very severe as Thailand doesn’t have a decent record when it comes to treatment of its own Muslim citizens. It could well invite special focus by Islamist terrorist groups.

The international community (except of course for those hosting other black sites and the USA itself) has
scorned Thailand’s denial. They have identified a remote Voice of America relay station near the northeastern Thai city of Udon Thani as one of the US torture sites and front for black operations, meaning nasty stuff like assassinations, bombings and sh*t stirring propaganda and misinformation.

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