Sunday, November 27, 2005

Malaysian Police Chief Exonerates Malaysian 'Lynndie England'

Just as Malaysia’s Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang fears, the Malaysian Police has deliberately gone on the wrong track to cover up its shameful Abu Ghraib scandal.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police. Musa Hassan, who nowadays seems to be the man speaking for the Police, said whoever took the video clip - whether a police person or a civilian – would be charged under the Penal Code. This is precisely the move that I described in Malaysia’s Abu Ghraib – Kill the chooks to frighten the monkey. The aim is to punish the breaker of the omerta code rather than the abuser of the naked woman forced into humiliating postures in a police cell.

Or could there be another more sinister reason? Let's read on and see.

The police deputy chief started off by shocking us with the pre-investigation exoneration of the Malaysian ‘Lynndie England’ by stating:

“It is the perpetrator behind the video clip whom we are after and not the policewoman, who was carrying out a routine check.”

my underlining

Routine check? What routine check requires a naked woman to perform ear squats? He hasn’t even explained why the Chinese woman was made to strip naked, and perform what universally is known to be a humiliating exercise. In fact, the investigation has hardly started.

The Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister had already stated that there is no such police procedure as ear squatting, but he is now overruled by a mere Deputy Police Chief.

Then there is Home Minister Azmi Khalid, who has urged the woman in a controversial video clip to step forward in order to facilitate police investigations. Does anyone in his right mind expect the unfortunate woman to now emerge, when the deputy police chief has already exonerated the police woman who abused the woman?

Who the bloody hell is in charge of the country? The DPM or the Deputy Police Chief? But then … this is Malaysia where the police hatches are now all battened down, and the Police Deputy Chief has fired the first defiant shot, right across the Deputy Prime Minister’s bow. Why?

Prime Mimister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi demand for an 'open' inquiry has already been scuttled by a mere public servant, the Deputy Police Chief, whose defiant approval of the naked ear squat punishment has now been echoed by another police head, North Seberang Perai OCPD Asst Comm Mazlan Lazim.

This defiant recalcitrance can only mean one thing - Malaysia's police Abu Ghraib-ish abuses are more widespread than has been thought earlier. The police brass are now worried that punishment of the police woman may reveal more stinking dirt, so the next best mitigating move is to make that universal abusive action an approved police procedure.

The prime minister and his other ministers' mistake was to have the police investigate itself.

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  1. memang standard malaysian policy what. if you discover that you messed up, say you didn't. then blame someone else for something else totally unrelated.