Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are we Moabites or Ammonites?

This is truly one of the saddest story I have read.

A couple married but to their woes, the sacred matrimony was not recognised. Why?

One of the couple, the bride, was a man before he medically converted himself into herselfhe underwent a sex change and she should be now a woman.

But the Malaysian law says no because it does not recognise marriage of two persons of the same sex. But … but …. but … Absolutely not, regardless of the medical sex change. The poor bride’s IC still says she is a he.

Bloody more things have changed than just a gender declaration in an IC. Laws have changed, the jury system has changed/disappeared, the constitution can be and has changed, elections of local councils have been abandoned to where we are now served by unrepresented self-serving swill, yes, national policies, education policies, & whatnot policies can all changed, but not the gender declaration in a person’s IC. What utter bullshit.

But wait, there is more. Let's leave the state and move on to the Church.

The church also says nix to the marriage too. National Evangelical Christian Fellowship secretary-general Reverend Dr Wong Kim Kong said the church does not approve of same sex marriages even after one partner has changed his or her sex.


He uttered sanctimoniously: “It’s clearly stated in the Bible. There is no such thing as creation of half-half. Therefore, biologically and genetically, there is only male and female. Therefore, there is no chance it (the marriage) will be condoned by the Christian church. As a religious group, we have to follow the religion based on the Bible.”

Bullshit. Read this about the Bible!

Aside from what that link says about the Bible, pray (no pun intended) tell us where is it in the Bible that says there can be no sex change? Those biblical characters were still resorting to stones to kill women suspected of having a quiet nookie or other blokes praying to different gods.

So what is the dear Reverend talking about genes and biology. According to the Bible, we were created out of dust and stepped off a big sampan together with a couple of pygmy-sized dinosaurs, among other creatures including pigs.

And double bullshit to his “only male and female” because angels are androgynous. And what about God Himself, or should it be Herself?

Besides, the Bible was written by some blokes slaving away in captivity in Babylon, which would be enough to kill all sex drives. So what did they know about sex other than being screwed good and proper by the Babylonians?

And as in the State's case, the Church has had so many changes that it's laughable Reverend Dr Wong talked as if the Bible was handed down to us by God Himself/Herself. There was the original church in Jerusalem, then from it we have the Coptic, Maronite, Assyrian, Othordox, Catholic, Protestant churches, etc. And don't forget the Council of Nicea where mortal men decided on a wee biblical editing.

Then, further editing occurred when from the Protestant Church we get a zillion branches of denominations. But wait, there's more as we then get the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints) as well as King Henry VIII's Church of England, born out of his need to divorce Princess Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne, and bugger the Pope's excommunication plans.

Which Bible was the Reverend Dr Wong referring to?

What next may we expect from Reverend Dr Wong? That brothers and sisters must copulate with each other to bear children as did the children of Adam and Eve? What do we call the offsprings of such incestous multiplications? Moabites or Ammonites?

The Reverend cannot have it both ways. If God was or is the Creator, then He (or She) created this married couple regardless of whether sex change has been involved. In fact, one would aver that the sex change and the union of love has been God’s will. It has only been men's prejudice and will that now denies the couple their blessed union.

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  1. Like you, I find the reactions from church and state deeply disappointing and retrogressive. Medical research can attest to the fact that many people find themselves in the body of the wrong sex, something that a sex-change operation can put right for them. No-one would set out to have a sex-change operation on whim - there's too much physical pain involved, too much psychological trauma in telling family and society for it ever to be an easy choice. My thoughts are for sure with this couple whom I hope will make a happy life for themselves ...

    And as for the glib line about God not making people who are half and half ... has the dear reverend never heard of hermaphrodites? (Ooops more PCly refered to as intersexuals.)

    I liked the take on genesis 1 - had never thought about ther incest issue!