Friday, November 25, 2005

Iraqis - Thrice Unlucky

The US invasion of Iraq was purportedly a pre-emptive mission to knock out Saddam Hussein’s WMDs. But when the alleged drastic weapons were found to be absent in Iraq, but instead in nearby Israel, the invasion mission metamorphosed into a strike against the Saddam-al Qaeda coalition.

American and international experts scoffed at the very idea of a secular egomaniac like Saddam Hussein allying himself with a religious fanatic like Osama bin Laden, or vice versa. In fact those two kahuna's hated each other with a vengeance and would have loved to do each other in.

So the poor Bush Administration, suddenly bereft of justifications for the illegal aggression, and like a drowning man, clutched desperately at the ‘last straw’ of ‘regime change’, a regime the USA itself has fostered and nurtured over the years to serve its strategic interests in the Gulf region for decades.

Oh yes, the good ole USA was getting rid of its buddy Saddam Hussein to *save?* the Iraqis.

Well, they have certainly got rid of Saddam and now has replaced him with this new regime.

Looks like the Iraqi people have been short-changed by the Americans a 3rd time. The 1st time was when they suffered under a US-sponsored Saddam Hussein, while the 2nd time was when President Bush Senior abandoned them to Saddam’s mercy after urging them to rise in rebellion against that Mother of Them All during the closing stage of the 1st Gulf War.

Sadly, some people are continuously cursed by the *help?* of the US Administration.

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