Friday, November 18, 2005

Karma of 3 Aussies

Three Aussies convicted with drug offences ended up with vastly different sentences and therefore fates. They are:

(1) Nguyen Van Tuong arrested with 389 gms of heroin in Singapore – sentenced to death by hanging, scheduled for dawn on 02 December, in two weeks time.

(2) Schapelle Corby arrested with 4.2 kilograms of marijuana in Bali – sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, but reduced to 15 years under Indonesia auspicious day reduction.

(3) Michelle Leslie arrested with 2 ecstasy pills – sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, which she would have completed by midnight tomorrow. She will be deported to Australia after tomorrow.

The 3 had received different media attention, with Nguyen virtually ignored until the Australia public realises that one of its young citizens is about to have his life extinguished shortly.

The two beautiful women naturally were powerful magnets for public attention, with Corby being ‘sacrificed’ with her heart and guts ripped out and blood flowing to appease the Gods of Media Ratings. Society’s vultures, ghouls and vampires hovered around her, hoping to suck her notoriety to satiate their avaricious thirst and hunger.

In the 3rd case, Leslie’s powerful defence and PR team have ensured she was shielded from the media circus while they worked quietly away from the magnifying glass of the public, within Indonesia’s legal framework, in a halus (refined and tactful) and humble fashion, the way Indons would appreciate it.

There have been allegations that Leslie’s party had bribed the judges but they rejected such allegations as baseless. Her lawyer said:

"We have seen in history that these things have played out in a different way when people have claimed innocence, certainly in Indonesia.”

Obviously referring to Schapelle Corby.

"We didn't have all the evidence at hand and therefore we played it out with the cards we were dealt with. She was facing the possibility of 15 years in prison. I think it'd be only a fool to rock that system and it's best that she received the three months and she can return home at the next available opportunity and she can clear her name."

Intelligently pronounced. That's the value of having the best lawyers a rich boyfriend's money could provide.

BTW, do Malaysians know that the man waiting to die, Nguyen Van Tuong, was born in Malaysia while his mum was a refugee? Does that make him part Malaysian?


  1. Anything special with this Nguyen guy that he should be exempted from the death penalty?

    The law says that he should die.

    Or just because he is an Australian, though not a White one, he should not die. Or just because the death penalty had been abolished in Australia in the 80s, so, should other countries follow Australia's steps?

    If one doesn't want to die, then, one should just confine drug smuggling within the White men's countries.

    Even in M'sia, Nguyen and his ilk will die. Not just caught with almost 400g. Just 15g will suffice.

  2. That's the difference between a 1st world and a 3rd mentality. It has nothing to do with one being white, black or otherwise. it has nothing to do with drugs, murder or treason.

    It has to do with a nation having higher values and not subordinating itself to brutal institutionalised murder. It has to do with not stooping down to brutal punishment which has been proven not to stop crimes. It has to do with refusing to succumb to caveman's mentality.

  3. If,indeed, such "brutal" punishments had been ineffective, why the low crime rate in Singapore?

    The Aussies must be made to understand the fate that befell on Kevin Barlow & Brian Chambers in 1986.

    Kalau datang ke negara orang, kenalah ikut undang2 negara itu. Kalau aku masuk ke Australia, aku pun tak boleh bawak buah2an dan makanan asing ke Australia. Kena ikut undang2 mereka jugak.

    BTW, the USA being the so-called proclaimed 1st World country must still be having a so-called "caveman mentality" with her capital punishment still in force and with people still being executed through various caveman methods.

  4. The low crime rate in Singapore has nothing to do with capital punishment for drug traffickers, who constitute only a small portion of their crime stats. The reason is an effective uncorrupt police force, unlike some other countries.

    Kalau sdr bawa buah2an dsb seperti dadah masuk ke Oz (walaupun saya harap sdr tidak akan buat tsb), saya jamin sdr tidak akan menerima hukuman mati. Kalau sdr tidak ikut undang2 and di kena tangkap, memang sdr masih tidak akan menerima hukuman mati.

    The USA has different state laws - not all would pass the death penalty, especially for possession of drugs. Bush' former state is one of the worst if not the worst. Therefore referring to the USA as a notable exception, without differentiating among the states, is not a good example.

    Institutionalised murder is not an accepted feature or value of a 1st world nation.