Saturday, November 26, 2005

Leslie - Enough Rope!

Last night I saw on TV a media conference for Michelle Leslie. Surrounded by her father, spokesman and bodyguards, she shed tears while lamenting the harsh reprimand that PM John Howard had given her. She also vowed her Muslim faith, and apologise to the Muslim community if she had unwittingly caused them any hurt ... blah blah blah.

PM Howard had supported Aussie Judge Marcus Einfield's warning to Leslie to stop the way she went about jeopardising other Aussie prisoners in Indon because of her planned and unnecessary assault on the Indon police and legal system from the safety of Australia.

When a TV reporter asked her about her negotiations with TV stations to sell her story, her spokesman stepped in once again and terminated the conference.

As I mentioned, Leslie had overdone the innocent Oz virgin princess part by her insensitive statements and antics against the Indons. From sympathy to sheer dislike for her fake innocence, the Aussie public and press have circled around her, hoping to tear her to shreds. That was why her modelling agency, Chic Management, sacked her, even though they had originally assure her prior to her release that there have been an increased demand for her modelling service. Her post-release statements destroyed her own credibility and whatever sympathies Aussies had for her.

In what Malaysians would term korek cerita or digging up the truth of her story or allegations/assertions, the media has discovered a lot of 'ear wax'. The Aussie Herald has discovered the following:

(1) lies about her claims that she did not take ecstasy, did not know what the pills found in her bag were, a friend had slipped them in her bag, and that they were substitutes for Ritalin.

(2) bribes paid by the Leslie camp. These would certainly call into question the thrust of her defence she mounted publicly and in court

(3) lies about her allegations that the drugs belonged to the friends of powerful men (one of whom was a high ranking minister) when she was arrested, the drugs were planted in her bag, her drug test result was faked blah blah blah.

(4) her claim of the Islamic faith is very questionable.

(5) even the mysterious Mia or Siti Namira, blamed by Leslie for slipping the pills into her bag, has refuted her story.

You know the old saying - "give a person enough rope ........"

(1) Shut Up Michelle Leslie!
(2) Michelle Leslie - an Overdone Innocent Victim?

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