Monday, November 14, 2005

Royal Malaysian Police or Royal Malaysian Criminals

Around June this year Malaysian PM Ahmad Abdullah Badawi (AAB) launched a Royal Commission to investigate into alleged conducts of corruption, brutality and other illegal acts in the Royal Malaysian Police. The Commission came up with a hundred over recommendations, which one wonders if any has yet been implemented.

Interestingly, the Commission threw a titbit to the eager long-suffering Malaysian public who would like to see some blood spilled among the police ranks, preferably by the top brasses for their incompetence, lack of governance, and pathetic leadership. The titbit?

The hungry public was told that there was a 7-million dollar police officer, whom I have no doubt had legal and lawful possession of that sum – or that piece of news wouldn’t have seen daylight at all.

OK, so feed the public sharks a bit of berley, which hopefully should satisfy their angry hunger, and thus deflect their attention from the Home Minister and top police officers.

As for the Royal Commission, this is what Ioannis Gatsiounis of Asia Times has to say of them:

“The commissioners themselves have a wide range of backgrounds, including political, legal, activist, religious and business, and have vowed to help restore credibility to the police. In time, maybe they will. But according to lawyers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and citizens who have dealt directly with the commission, it is already showing some of the traits that are synonymous with the police: arrogance, secrecy, complacency and inefficiency.

NGOs and concerned citizens have been barred from some of the commission's ‘open hearings’. Uthayakumar, the human rights lawyer, said: 'They were set up to take immediate action on urgent matters. But they have not taken any action on [these cases of abuse].'"

Should we be surprised at all?

OK, leave the Commission’s lack of openness aside, now, what have happened with their recommendations?

??? - can anyone help on this?

Then, given all the above, what do we have right now?

Barely 6 months have passed since the Royal Commission handed in the recommendations, and we have very shameful cases of abuse of powers by the Royal Malaysian Police, again. Three female Chinese nationals, wives of Malaysians, have been abused by Police.

The so-called law officers demanded money from them – I believe that’s called EXTORTION.

One had her money taken without her permission – I believe that’s called DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

Two were forced to strip and one had her breast squeezed by a police officerI believe that’s called SEXUAL ASSAULT.

Yes, all these criminal acts were perpetrated by the POLICE. The three women were unlawfully, yes, UNLAWFULLY DETAINED for 4 days despite having the correct documents.

When the husband of one of them rushed to the police station to secure her release, the police sergeant refused to verify her passport with the Immigration Department until he paid up a sum of under-the-counter money. What the hell does one call that?

They were unlawfully detained, humiliated, stripped, sexually assaulted, extorted, and robbed at the police station.

All those crimes are punishable by law.

Now, ask yourselves how and why the Police dare perpetrate such crimes on three innocent women, wives of Malaysian citizens?

As noted commentator Dr M Bakri Musa wrote in his Malaysiakini column, the story of the PM-ship of AAB has been a legacy of lost opportunity.

What good is a Commission of Inquiry if AAB fails to institute measures to right a rotten, yes, bloody rotten police force, manned disgracefully by many uniformed criminals. And what has been AAB's action on the police force thus far? Oh yes, he made them wear stickers on their uniforms with the message that they won't be corrupt.

I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry. Malaysia Boleh!


  1. Wrongfully detained Chinese Housewife


    Translated police statement from Malay to English found on

    This police statement was made by the 4 chinese housewife who were wrongfully detained

    Name: Yu Xue zhen
    Sex: Female
    Brith date: 27 November 1970
    Marriage status: married with Malaysian

    Name: Gu Xiu hua
    Sex: Female
    Marriage status: married
    Name: Wu Xiao hua
    Sex: Female
    Marriage status: married
    Name: Liu Jing
    Sex: Female
    Marriage status: married
    Brith date: 25 July 1971

    We were detained by the police with other lady Chinese nationals from the 3rd of November 2005 (Thursday), about 11pm nearing to Sungai Buloh. At that time we were in a car and the police was holding a road block.

    Police detained us with the cause of suspicion of fake passport. We were sent to the Sungai Buloh police station. At about 6 am 4th November 2005. We were sent to the Petaling Jaya Police Station and we were imprison in the lock up in there.

    Before we were sent to our cells, we were told to show all our belongings in our hand bag. A police men and a police woman who were at the counter recorded the inventory of our hand bag and asked $50 RM from both yu xue zhen and Gu xiu hua and we gave it to them. At that time, Wu Xia Hua only had $3 RM in her hand bag. She was also force to give it to the above mentioned police officers. The Police women then shared $10 of our money to each of the officers in the station. We were force to give the money because it was demanded from the police officer and we were afraid of them.

    After that, two police woman ask us to take off our clothes until we were naked in a room before going into the lock up one by one. The police women ask us to stand and squat five times when we were naked. When it was Yu Xue Zhen;s turn, she felt embarrass from striping and move her back to face the police women. She was slapped by the police women on the face. When Yu Xue Zhen was taking her clothes off. A police man was peeping at her and she screamed. After that the room door was immediately closed. After the body check, were we allowed to put our clothes back on and enter the lock up.

    On the evening of 5th November 2005. 5 chinese nationals women including us and 2 indonesian women was brought to the Sungai Buloh police station to record our statement. When we return to the Petaling Jaya Police station. We were again asked to take off our clothes and repeat the procedude. After that all the Chinese women were not allowed to wear back our bras. Only the women of other nationalities were allowed to wear back their bras.

    After we recorded out statement on the 5th of November at the Sungai Buloh Police Station, a police man did a hand gesture to Gu Xiu Hua that meant she had big breast.

    At about 7pm 5th November, Yu Xue Zhen wrap her body with a big towel and entered the bath room in the lock up. She notive a police man staring at her from outside the lock up’s door. This was witness by Gu Xiu Hua. Gu Xiu Hua remembers Yu Xue Zhen immediately went into the bath room and close the door.
    On the first day of our detention period. Yu Xue Zhen’s husband brought two bags that contained clothes, 3 towels, ladies towel, perfume, tooth brush and tooth paste to the Petaling Jaya Police Station to be given to Yu Xue Zhen, but the police officer on duty did not send it to her. On the 5th of November when Yu Xue Zhen was sent to the Sungai Buloh Police Station to record her statement. She was told by her husband that he sent those items to her on the day before. When Yu Xue Zhen was sent back to the Petaling Jaya Police Office, she asked for those items that was sent by her husband to the police, and she found a few expensive clothes, towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, perfume and ladies towel missing. And only two T shirt, a shirt, jeans and long pants was left behind.

    We were imprisoned in the lock up for 5 days, only released by the police on the 7th November 2005 when the immigration officer in Putrajaya have validated that our passport was real. Before we left the Petaling Jaya Police Station, around 4 pm, the same police men who did the same hand gesture that praise the size of Gu Xia Hua’s breast. That police man asked Gu Xiu Hua to come to him and did another gesture to ask Gu Xiu Hua to call him. But Gu Xiu Hua did not dare go near him.
    We are not happy about the imprisonment and our experience because we were holding valid passport and we have entered Malaysia many times through the years. We have never gone against the Malaysian law and we should not have been detained and imprisoned in the police lock up.


    It has also been alleged through press release by the Chinese woman that the police officer at the road block indicated they wanted a $500 rm bribe. On refusing the Chinese ladies were brought it for “suspicion” of owning fake passports. They were also not given proper drinking, instead they drank straight from the tap.

    This is the latest on the issue.
    Morning raid on Chinese nationals’ homes

    The MMS Story

    The Video a Malaysian police woman forcing a woman to strip. A dirty minded policeman was secretly hiding and filming her.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Will read that and blog on the salient issues. The principal concern is the criminal behaviour of the our so-called law guardians.