Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Michelle Leslie's "Mysterious" Woman Identified!

Remember Michelle Leslie’s “mysterious” lady friend Mia, the woman who gave her the ecstasy pills on the night of Leslie’s arrest but disappeared into thin air?

Well, if you don’t, according to Leslie, Mia had been the culprit who obtained the drugs for her. Mia brought the ecstasy pills for Leslie, informing the poor innocent model that it was the medication Ritalin which Leslie claimed she was addicted to.

But things went awry for Leslie when a psychiatrist Denny Thong, who is a member of the Bali Narcotic Board, was enlisted by Leslie’s team to testify on her behalf. They wanted the good doctor to tell the court that she was a Ritalin addict and thus as an addict, under Indon laws, should merit only a very short sentence. But the following was what the psychiatrist told the court.

Dr Thong said Leslie used ecstasy, but was not addicted to it or Ritalin. He had medically interviewed Leslie in Bali last month at her lawyers' request. The doctor confirmed that Leslie was not sick nor could be classified as an addict. In fact he stated that Leslie herself had admitted to him she had used ecstasy, but was not addicted to it. Additionally, the doctor clarified that while one may use Ritalin, which is a lawful medication, one doesn’t get addicted to that medication.

Of course throughout her trial, the “mysterious” Mia, being a mystery, naturally could not be found, and wasn’t it truly fortuitous for Leslie that despite this hearsay, the addiction and Ritalin bullshit, the judges of Bali court still believed her?

OK, all’s well that ended well, as it did for Michelle Leslie. She’s now free, and suddenly, miracles of miracles, the “mysterious” Mia has now emerged (or descended) from the divine heights of Bali’s sacred mountain, or more correctly, on the plains of Singapore.

And Mia has a real name too. She is Siti Namira. Oh, but wait, there’s more!!!

Siti Namira is not all that “mysterious” afterall, for she is Leslie's fellow model. Poor Leslie, her trauma in Bali made her terribly forgetful, both about Narima's name and their professional acquaintance. But how sweet, Leslie and Namira has 'reconciled', whatever that means. In fact, Namira has now ‘fessed up to the whole sordid affair.

Appeared out of the blue, has a name, oh-they were fellow models, reconciled, confessed - good lord, what's happening? And mate, there’s more – all skullduggery and whatnot – threats of murder directed at poor Leslie in prison, etc etc etc.

To help clear Michelle Leslie's name of course. It’s part of her social “rehabilitation”. Yessirree, Leslie is not a former Indon convict but an innocent victim. Alhamdullilah!

Incidentally, I wonder whether Leslie could legally clear her name in Australia, because if she can, wouldn’t it be marvellous that she can then keep the money the media has been dying to pay for her news breaking story. Insha Allah!

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