Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sex Terrorists

A Filipino senator called them sex terrorists!

The reason?

6 US marines raped a Filipino woman while they were on shore leave in the Philippines, after military exercise with the Filipinos. They raped the unfortunate woman until she was unconscious, then dumped her by the roadside.

Filipinos are outraged by the abuse. Many protestors marched to Subic Bay where the US Navy amphibious assault ship Essex was harboured, but were denied access. The 6 are in hiding as arranged by the US Embassy.

The marines must have forgotten their role is amphibious assault on armed enemies, not 'automobile' (in a van) assault on a helpless woman. Critics ho-hum-ed the incident as the usual pattern of abuse by US forces abroad. Even in Australia, US sailors have assaulted young women.

Murray Sayle, a journalist who wrote in the Japan Policy Research Institute, recalled in September 1995, three drunk U.S. servicemen kidnapped and raped a twelve-year-old schoolgirl in Okinawa.

But wait, there’s more to that crime.

What a US senior naval officer, Admiral Richard C. Macke then said reflected the typical US military mentality abroad: “For the price they paid to rent a car they could have had a girl.”

Now, ain't that just great, the admiral being more outraged about the stupidity of his men than the trauma suffered by a 12 year old kid?

Bet you those US marines in the Philippines won’t be prosecuted.

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