Sunday, November 13, 2005

Massive Indon Manhunt for Noordin Top

Despite the recent slaying of Dr Azahari Husin in Malang, Indonesian security forces are bracing for a Christmas blitz of terrorist bombing attacks, planned by the late Azahari and his colleague Noordin Top, who is another of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) top operatives. The bombing campaign is expected to be focussed on Jakarta.

Indon police informed that discovered documents found in Azahari’s house have revealed advanced plans for a wave of attacks on the capital. The targets selected by JI are mainly Christian schools and churches, with the attacks scheduled to start this week and continue until Christmas Day.

Hmmm, undoubtedly the Islamic prophet Isa (pbuh) will be thrilled by such an intended pious showing of fireworks to commemorate the season of his birth.

The police are extremely worried that some of the bombs assembled by Azahari may have already been distributed. When police entered Azahari’s house after he was killed in a hail of bullets, they found more than 30 prepared bombs, many of which were configured with suicide devices.

The authorities have assigned thousands of troops in a door-to-door search, and to check cars, railway and bus stations in central Indonesia in one of Indonesia's biggest manhunts for Malaysian fugitive Noordin Top.

Wow, what a Towering Malaysian!

While Azahari might have been the master bomb maker, Noordin Top is actually JI's strategist, financial wizard and one of its main recruiters. Indon military chief, General Sutanto, said authorities believe Noordin Top is in Central Java province.

Dr Azahari's Death - Retaliation Bombings to Come

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