Monday, November 07, 2005

Aussie Covert Muslim Convert - In Danger?

Indon police scoffed at a newspaper claim that they had covered up the presence of prominent Indons who were with Michelle Leslie the night she was arrested. They said she alone was apprehended because she was the only one found with ecstasy pills.

Referring to available video footage, the newspaper claimed that there were a number of other people in the car with Leslie. The police answered 'so what' as those people weren’t the ones with the illegal drugs.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, if those alleged ‘powerful’ personalities were with her that night, then in all probability she wouldn’t have been arrested, or even if she was, a subsequent phone call would have remedied the situation.

Now there's even a conspiracy theory that, because she's going to squeal about the minister's son being with her that night of the arrest, she may be in mortal danger in the prison.

The conspiracy theory added that had the incident occurred during Suharto's time, the case would have been 'bereskan' (settled), but today, Indonesia being the 'open' society it is, the police couldn't possibly let her go.

But this theory falls flat on its face when in the same breath, it claims the police covered up the presence of the minister's son. One can't have it both ways - either the police were corrupt or they were not.

Even if the minister's son was there, was he the one with the ecstasy pills? If he didn't, and so far there hasn't been any such accusation (other than his physical presence), how then could Leslie drag the Minister into a drug scandal?

I am rather sceptical of the allegations surrounding the minister's son which have only been brought up today, very late into her period of arrest, just as I have been sceptical about her being a covert converted Muslim. Then there was the allegation of a mysterious woman, Mia, who gave her the pills, and now the Minister's son was there in the car with her. The plot thickens like leftover bah-kut-teh soup on a cold wintry day, except it smells worse.

We need to ask - would the presence of the minister's son be relevant to the case? Did he possess any ecstasy pill? Would his appearance in court as a witness, as demanded by Leslie's lawyers, help Leslie in any way? What if the minister's son, assuming he was in the car with Leslie, say to the court that he was partying with her, without being aware of her possession of the illegal drugs?

Aussie Covert Convert in Bali - the Plot thickens!

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