Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Leslie - from Tschaikosky to Doh-Ray-Mee

As for Michelle Leslie’s chameleon-like religious affiliation which had changed hue faster than an oscillating kaleidoscope, she has been adamant that she still considers herself a Muslim.

At a press conference on her arrival at Sydney airport, her spokesman, Sean Mulcahy, immediately terminated the session with the media, when an Aussie Channel 7 reporter questioned the dodginess of her conversion to Islam. He rejected scorns that Leslie had been less than truthful about her religious belief, and said:

"The criticism only hampers her attempt to progress and further her religion. I can only liken it to learning the piano. When you first start playing the piano you are not very good. If people continually criticise you and tell you how bad you play, you give up. She doesn't profess to be the greatest Muslim that's lived; she's learning the religion. There are various levels of religious beliefs and Michelle doesn't share extremist views of that."

Well, well, well - so she doesn't profess to be the greatest Muslim that's lived?

If we were to use Mulcahy's piano-playing analogy, Leslie with her burqa donned when under arrest in Indonesia, was then playing Tschaikosky’s first piano concerto brilliantly like a young Beethoven, but now, back in Australia, she can’t even hit out a simple doh-ray-mee.

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  1. ah. she was just trying to play on sympathy.

    pathetic really.

    now everyone can see what a foolish little airhead she is.

    using islam as a way to get away with criminal charges.

    she's not worth it.