Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Michelle Leslie & "Mysterious" Mia

It seems the initial press report that Michelle Leslie and Siti Namira, otherwise known as Mia, Woman of Mystery, met in Singapore and ‘reconciled' was incorrect. There was no 'reconciliation' – technically, that is.

The ‘reconciliation’ word was employed by the media in their understanding of what they had learnt from Leslie’s statements, that poor poor poor Leslie was sabotaged by Mia or Siti Namira, who played dirty and placed the ecstasy tablets in Leslie's cute sweet handbag during a party on the night of the arrest. Oh, how nasty could Mia be?

Surely, given the nastiness, the media would imagine, rightly so, that any get-together between them must be a form of 'reconciliation '– between the saboteur and the sabotaged.

Personally, I thought Leslie’s “dunno” about the ecstasy pills sounded unbelievable because of one fact that stood out like the proverbial you-know-what. Psychiatrist Dr Denny Thong who had examined her, provided evidence to the court that she, Michelle Leslie, had confessed to using ecstasy. So, can Leslie claimed "dunno"?

Anyway, now her lawyer Sean Mulcahy, in confirming that yesterday Leslie met fellow model Siti Namira, otherwise known as Mia, said:

"There was no reconciliation needed because they were already friends."

There you have it – not only did we learn that Mia wasn't as "mysterious" and unknown as the courts were told, we have to conclude there wasn’t any sabotaging because there wasn’t any grudge.

Hmmm, what does that tell us about Michelle Leslie's story?

Michelle Leslie's "Mysterious" Woman Identified!

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