Friday, November 18, 2005

Noordin Top Threatens Australia

Noordin Top, a Malaysian fugitive who is one of Jemaah Islamiyah’s top operatives and master strategist, has in a video message, a la al Qaeda, threatened Australia and in particular PM John Howard and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

Though appearing masked in balaclava in the video message, Indon police has identified him as the hooded figure delivering the threat.

He described the USA, England, Australia and Italy as the ‘enemies’. He raged against Australia for participating in the war against Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, he warned that Australia will be the prime target of new 'intimidation and terror' attacks while its troops remain in Iraq. Needless to say, he raved and rant like a religious bigot that he is. Here’s an extract of what he said:

"And, we specifically remind Australia that you - Downer, John Howard - have led Australia into darkness, into disaster and terrorism by mujahideen. As long as you keep your invader troops on Iraq and Afghanistan's soil, as long as you intimidate Muslim people, for as long as that you will feel the intimidation of our terror. Remember that!"

The Indon police said his message in a video message is meant more as a recruiting ad, designating Australia rather than other nations as a principal target, as Indons are more conscious of and familiar with neighbouring Australia.

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