Friday, November 11, 2005

Paris Burning - blogging to riot, riot by blogging!

Well, we have heard of the ‘oil & water’ saga on Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots, and we have been awed by the Iraqi blog Baghdad Burning. But in Paris, bloggers obviously of the rioting kind, have been using their bloggings to coordinate attacks on the police.

A 14-year-old kid has just been arrested for provocations of violence on his blog He wrote "Unite, Île-de-France, and burn the cops. Go to the nearest police station and burn it."

Holy soufflé, that’s a zillion times far worse than Jeff Ooi’s ‘oil & water’ saga. Another reported by the Washington Post called for:

"All the housing projects should rise. The wait is over. Friday, Nov. 11, a meeting under the Eiffel Tower. At 2 p.m. Show up, it's important."

This is bloody giving bloggers a bad name, mes enfants.

Critic claimed the power and speed of blogs have given Paris its most intense and durable rioting since Robespierre was guillotining French nobility and his competitors.

Mon dieu, les blogs!

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