Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alisha in Bolehland

We Malaysians have a marvellous way of tackling our problems and solving our woes. We should package the method and promote it throughout the world.

First, we have police corruption – easily solved! We make those officers wear a slogan saying they won’t accept bribes.

Then, we have corrupt government bureaucrats (including our incredibly corrupt police) – easily solved! We have a National Integrity Day.

Thirdly, we have pathetic standards in our universities, which continue to plummet – easily solved! We erect self-congratulatory signboards and hang banners with similar messages.

Moving on (‘cause we still have lots of woes), we have unexplained cases of favoured individuals receiving more than their share of Automobile import Permits (AP) – easily solved! The minister responsible cried and all have been forgiven (or forgotten).

Then a couple of other embarrassing public issues occurred indicating lack of governance occurred – easily solved! The ministers and departmental heads merely responded “they didn’t know”.

Innocent bystander shot by gungho government officer (who's not even a policeman); roads, bridges falling down, and landslides blocking highways, even Parliament House was not spared the Humpty Dumpty syndrome; recognition of overseas medical degrees switched on and off like a "coloured" yo-yo; seditious acts perpetrated by members of parliament; crimes perpetrated by law officers (the most dangerous place in Malaysia is inside a police station); banks being "robbed" in broad daylight by the hundreds, if not thousands of millions ... etc etc etc.

What else is there to mention in Alisha in Bolehland?

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