Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mahathir's right about Perilous Defence in Iraq

Couple more lawyers for Saddam Hussein’s group have been targeted – one has been shot dead and the other wounded. Unknown gunmen were responsible for the shooting on Tuesday night in the Adl neighbourhood of Baghdad.

The lawyer killed, Adel Mohammed Abbas al-Zubeidi, had actually predicted his own death. He stated rather in vain that he and his colleagues weren’t affiliated with Saddam or anyone else. They were acting only in the role of professional legal counsellors with a professional duty to their clients. Alas, obviously those gunmen weren’t listening.

Dr Mahathir, former PM of Malaysia, had earlier demanded the USA and Britain be responsible for the security and safety of the legal counsellors defending Saddam and his henchmen. And he’s right because those two nations are the occupying powers in Iraq, and thus responsible for the occupied country's security. Regrettably they have let down the lawyers.

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