Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Malaysian Police Racist?

MGG Pillai, Malaysian journalist extraordinaire, can be a bit trying when he goes feral with UMNO, an organization he detests. His writings post-heart problems are even more acerbic than ever.

He wrote a sarcastic piece on his web titled Would Dato' Seri Azmi bring back Chinese tourists by going to China? in relation to Malaysia's scandal of police abuse. He has also written other pieces on this subject.

In essence, Pillai stated there is a racist streak within the Malaysian police, unavoidable becaue the force is virtually staffed by only one race, Malays. He pointed out a notorious record of abusive aggression by the Malaysian law enforcer against various guest workers (of other ethnic groupings) in Malaysia, with the police criminal behaviour culminating in the exposé of the current Abu Ghraib-ish shame.

Pillai said that the police has always feel secure about their own invincibility because of protection from UMNO ministers, their liege lords to whom they owed their loyalty. It is only in the fact that Malaysia is more dependent upon China, than China to her, that the prime minister has initiated actions towards mollifying or at least satisfying the Chinese authorities that Malaysian police is not against or will be abusing their citizens.

One thing Pillai has forgotten to mention is that in 2 weeks time, there will be the East Asian Summit, an initiative of Malaysia that pivots around China's attendance and willing participation in any agreements or policies that may ensue from the Summit. This fact has shaken up the normally apathetic government attitude towards allegations of police brutality.

Acerbic and raw knuckled as he may be, Pillai articles have many gems of truth.

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