Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some Malaysian Policemen consider them as prey?

Home Affairs Minister Azmi Khalid will fly off to China on a damage control operations, to assure the Chinese government that our Malaysian police aren't and won’t be profiling their female nationals, especially those aged 35 and below.

This perception of ethnic profiled persecution came to light recently when three female Chinese nationals, wives of Malaysian citizens, reported that their money was stolen, they were forced to strip, and were peeped at by male police officers when bathing in the police station while under police detention.

Then, before we could catch our breath, the police did an Abu Ghraib which our unbelievable Deputy Inspector of Police, Musa Hassan, solved within a day – by asserting that the Malaysian ‘Lynndie England’ was not guilty because she was merely conducting routine check on the woman in making her perform ear squats in the nude. According to Musa Hassan the guilty one has been the person who took the video shots of the Chinese woman doing ear squatting in the nude.

I don’t know about the Chinese but I wouldn’t be comforted by Azmi Khalid’s assurance, no, not with such a Deputy Police Chief's defiant rejection that police abuse had occurred.

The Deputy Police Chief’s defiant assertion that naked ear squats are perfectly police SOP has been disproved by Teresa Kok Member of Parliament for Taman Seputeh. Ms Kok, a member of the Democratic Action Party (DAP), consulted a former cop-turned-laywer, Sankara Nair, who confirmed there is no such provision nor has there been any to strip a female detainee naked in the Inspector General’s Standing Order (IGSO). So the Deputy Police Chief has been extraordinarily 'creative'. One wonders whether the IGSP will now be amended?

As I blogged earlier in Malaysian Police Chief Exonerates Malaysia’s ‘Lynndie England’, the abuse of such nature must be so widespread that punishing one police woman won’t stop the rotting police secrets from exploding like a bloated and putrefying carcass onto the public domain. In fact, that police woman if sacrificed, would probably blab on her colleagues and officers.

I believe if one were to go further and research the Star Online articles on Chinese female nationals (I have read a few) being threatened or apprehended by the Malaysian police, one would see a pattern or at least a number of occurrences, where, for example in one incident that I recall, 2 or 3 policemen in mufti would accompany a sole young Chinese woman to her flat and invite themselves into her place, loiter around there and god-knows what they might have proposed or demanded from the poor frightened girl. In virtually every case, the victim couldn’t or refused to identify the men out of fear.

There has undoubtedly been police profiling of those young female Chinese nationals, either for money or sexual favours. One reader Mohd Azli left a message in a previous posting Royal Malaysian Police or Royal Malaysian Criminals, referring to what Teresa Kok had on her website about a police report lodged by the Chinese wives. Mohd Azli has kindly translated them into English, where some extracts went like so (sorry Mohd, I have trimmed some sentences but without changing their meanings as displayed on Teresa Kok's website):

"After we recorded out statement on the 5th of November at the Sungai Buloh Police Station, a police man did a hand signal to Gu Xiu Hua, indicating it was 'great' she had big breast."

Should a law officer be doing that?

"At about 7pm 5th November, Yu Xue Zhen wrap her body with a big towel and entered the bath room in the lock up. She noticed a police man staring at her from outside the lock up’s door. This was witnessed by Gu Xiu Hua. Gu Xiu Hua remembered Yu Xue Zhen immediately closing the bath room door."

What can one say about that?

"Before we left the Petaling Jaya Police Station, around 4 pm, the same police man who had earlier gestured his appreciation for Gu Xia Hua’s breast, ordered Gu Xiu Hua to come to him, and signalled for her to phone him. But Gu Xiu Hua did not dare go near him."

This is termed 'stalking' which is a crime!!! Obviously the man lusted after the victim. I wonder whether he had been the one who went on that midnight visit to harrass the women at their homes? If he was the same bloke, I would have liked to know whose home he went to?

Jeff Ooi of Screenshots has just blogged on further complaints from Chinese females direct from Fujian in China on Malaysian Immigration abuses. What other nefarious abuses exist unreported?

The sad conclusion an ordinary man in the street reading about these outrageous cases of police abuses is that some members of the Malaysian police have been targeting young female Chinese nationals as easy prey, for extortion, sexual favours or sadistic abuses.

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