Tuesday, May 12, 2020

China showing trade 'fangs' to Australia AGAIN

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):

Red-meat processors have beef sales to China suspended as trade barriers escalate

The Kilcoy Pastoral Company-owned abattoir in the Queensland town of Kilcoy is one of four processors targeted in China trade row

(ABC News: Giulio Saggin, File Photo)

China has imposed an import ban on four Australian abattoirs in an apparent escalation of Beijing's trade war tactics.

The blacklisting of the red meat abattoirs — three in Queensland and one in NSW — comes just days after China flagged plans to introduce an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley, bringing the trade to its knees.

There are fears the barriers introduced by Australia's largest trading partner are in retaliation to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's demand for an independent investigation into the COVID-19 outbreak.

Three Queensland meatworks — Kilcoy Pastoral Company, the JBS owned Beef City, near Toowoomba; Dinmore, near Brisbane, and the New South Wales' Northern Cooperative Meat Company at Casino — have been suspended by China.

One analyst has told the ABC the four meatworks represent 35 per cent of beef exports to China, a trade that had been on track to reach $3.5 billion this year.
Minister: Suspensions based on technical issue

According to Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, the Government was notified yesterday about the suspensions, which Chinese authorities linked to labelling and health certificate requirements.

He said he was concerned the suspensions were due to "highly technical issues", some of which dated back more than a year, arguing changes to export arrangements should be considered separately to the merits of an investigation into COVID-19.

"We certainly don't see any relationship, and we would expect that no other counterpart country should see a relationship between those factors either."

An earlier statement from Senator Birmingham said Government was working with the beef industry to find a way forward.

"We will work with industry and authorities in both Australia and China to seek to find a solution that allows these businesses to resume their normal operations as soon as possible," it said.

"While not desirable, we have dealt with issues of this nature before and are working closely with the Commonwealth," it said.The Australian Meat Industry Council said China had strict requirements which the Australian industry took "exceptionally seriously".

"This is a trade and market access issue that is being led by the Commonwealth."


China showing trade 'fangs' to Australia for pro-US covid kerbau


  1. nvm, we impose tariff likewise on yunnan bat n wuhanvirus.

  2. Wakakakakaka…

    How about a 'view' from the official China press meeting during the verbal interchange!


    There r more, but most of them in Mandarin. I believe kt wouldn't entertain such postings!

  3. It is very unwise and short-sighted for the CCP , in control a large Nett food importer, with more than a Billion mouths to feed, to play political games with food supplies.

    The world is like a wheel, sometimes you are on top, sometimes you are at the bottom.

    This CCP is less than one generation past food famines. There is No guarantee that the hungry times will not come again.

    Some day the CCP may find itself begging Australia for food supplies, At that point, I will sympathise with the Chinese people, but it will be "Padan Muka Hang" to the CCP.

    1. Old moneyed, does yr research properly lah!

      U r so 16th century in outlook about modern day China. Especially yr hangups about how she can feed her 1.4B population.

      Yes, nobody can predict black swan events but good foresight & long term projected planning can avoid issue like famine.

      For a start, do an in-depth study about how long has China been keeping to 100% domestic food self-supply. What kinds & quantity of food been kept as emergency stockpiles.

      Only then u would know how long u have been muddling through yr life!

    2. which country hv the worst famine of the 20th century? and under which regime? 16 century pula.

    3. The Great China Famine of 1959 -1961 is well within the lifetime of many people in China today, survivors from that Holocaust.

      Estimated deaths 15 million(official) - 30 million (academic research).

      Principal cause : CCP policies and actions. NOT drought or floods.

    4. Which country?

      When was it AGAIN?

      Mfer, do tell.

      I have been through this 台毒 argument for so many times with those Formosa dickheads on the flights to N America that I sincerely thought they wouldn't distribute any of such to their intoxicated acolytes.

      Look like here is one mfer, deep in his China-bashing trance!
      Don't just give one-liner statement, unless u have mastered that lying art better than moron of Manchester!

    5. The Great China Famine!

      I will not let this subject, which I have studied in details by combing through volumes - East & West dissertations, just simply slipped through here.

      Nobody, especially the Chinese have denied the occurrence of this tragic event in their recent history.

      The Communist Party of China (CPC) OFFICIALLY stated in 1981 that the famine was mainly due to the mistakes of the Great Leap Forward as well as the Anti-Rightist Campaign, in addition to some natural disasters and the Sino-Soviet split.

      The Great Chinese Famine (Chinese: 三年大饥荒, "three years of famine") was a period in the history of the People's Republic of China (PRC) which was characterized by widespread famine between the years 1959 and 1961. It was a period of low agricultural production, food shortages and mass starvation in China, from 1959 to 1961.
      The CCP government attributes the famine to natural disasters such as droughts, floods, typhoons and pests.

      However, during the 1990s the worst droughts and floods in China's modern history had only a marginal effect on the country's adequate food supply.

      Many western studies were pointing to causalities initiated by a combination of social pressures, economic mismanagement, and radical agricultural changes in regulations which were imposed by the government organs.

      The Great Leap Forward (People's commune, Agricultural techniques, Four Pests Campaign, Illusion of superabundance) which aimed to rapidly transform China's economy from agrarian to industrial led to the deadliest famine in history.

      For the Chinese famine, mortality estimates range from 16.5 million (Coale, 1981) to 30 million (Banister, 1987) to 45 million (Dikotter, 2010) between 1958 and 1962.

      However, many of these western studies seem to ignore a GLARING fact that once a mortality threshold is breached, no any larger number of deaths would elevate that tragedy to a greater humanity disaster. There SHOULD be no numeric competition in counting human lives! Yet most their hintsighted & later year studies seem to indulge heavily in this number game to reinforce their ‘epic’ works.

      Beyond a narrow circle of China experts, the famine has also been virtually ignored by Western scholars and politicians at the TIME of happening. The need for moral examination and historical closure is obvious. How could this famine have lasted so long? How tenable is it to excuse the actions of so many people throughout the party and state bureaucracy by blaming solely their leader? Had they no other choice but to follow orders and to carry out, often against resistance, mindless collectivization and reduced planting of grain, to falsify harvest statistics, and to forcibly take grain away from evidently starving peasants?


    6. 2of2 cont.

      And where r the stories of local CCP committee opening up the gain storage to feed the hungers? I remember my grandparent went to great financial efforts & political connections to get imported grains into our remote ancestral village & surroundings during that period. Many other oversea Chinese did their best efforts to help too.

      Where were THEN those international humanitarian aids? Red Cross? UN? USAID? Ktm Taiwan? There were hardly any western press reports THEN. But there were many news stories in the Chinese local newspapers, especially in SEA.

      What are we to make of the Western indifference to the great famine? Eyewitness stories of refugees who fled to Hong Kong were widely dismissed and rarely reported during the famine years. Two generations later a journalistic account is the only fairly comprehensive volume on the famine published in the West. Incredibly, the 1997 edition of the New Encyclopaedia Britannica does not even list the catastrophe in its tabulation of famines of the past 200 years.

      Did communist China closed herself up so well that nobody, except those oversea Chinese with relatives in China, know about this tragedy? Or there was a political & military ideology interplay – just to see the evil communist China failed totally & miserably. & possibly social-politically & military crippled, coupled with hungered citizen revolts, in preparation for that dreamed march of demoNcratized Taiwan to retake China with the help of western powers, especially US!

      How many of u STILL remembered "The Struggling Girl", a famous metaphor for Africa's despair photograph taken by Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist. The vulture and the little girl, first appeared in The New York Times on 26 March 1993. It is a photograph of a frail famine-stricken starving Sudanese boy, initially believed to be a girl, being eyed by a vulture. The picture won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography award in 1994 (how ironic – a way to reflect western humanitarianism). Kevin committed suicide few months later at the age of 33 - possibly due to his own mental struggles against the anguish of did not take direct action to help the child. Although he reportedly chased the bird away after taking the photograph and then waited until the girl resumed her walk to the feeding center.

      Similarly, when The North Korean famine also known as the Arduous March or the March of Suffering, when mass starvation together with a general economic crisis happened from 1994 to 1998. How many western humanitarian aids rushed to help while China & S Korea were sending tons & tons of foods to that stricken land?

      DOES western humanitarianism ONLY works when there is a match with sopo ideological comparable settings? DO those Taiwanese nationalists just play their demoNcratic cards despite the close linkage of blood & history? DO those modern day China-bashers care about REAL event with its causality & implications to vent their small-minded farts? Can ALL of them look beyond their idolized mental block cocooned via their biased education & western propaganda.

      Perhaps, if these people can have just a little sense of compassion for humanity, they WOULD do what Kevin did! Since they COULDN'T or WON'T want to put saving lives above their pig-headed demoNcracy!

    7. Thank you, CK, for writing this very commendable contribution. If these people have a shred of humanity in them, they would have mourned and despaired at the cold-blooded heartlessness of those who deliberately turned a blind eye to such incredible sufferings then. Unforgivable !

      Even to have in the mind's eye a human being, a breathing, living being, dying agonizingly due to extreme hunger is too gruesome, let alone MILLIONS! And these bastards now blithely sit in smug judgement, their outrage only get triggered when others do not toe the line to conform to their sense of what is right or fit into their agenda.

      Note : I too have come across that unforgettable story of Kevin Carter who in the end was unable to live with himself for his inhumanity. At the very least, he did reflect and he found himself too disgusting, to put it plainly.

  4. How many of u ever raised an eyebrows when trump was threatening to impose additional trade tariff against Oz imports, especially aluminium?

    Similarly against Canada & Mexico?

    What's trump's ratiocination in doing so?

    So, if China wants to impost additional trade tariff on Oz goods based on labelling and health certificate requirements. Anything wrong?

    The Ozzies can shallow their 'hurts' while keeping quiet against uncle Sam. Yet want to cry father mother about their wounded pride against China!

    Is this the case of within WASP, it's all in the family?

    While it's a big NO NO to allow a 'slanted-eyes' to educate them about international trade practices!

    1. whats the excuse trump used on additional tariff, compare to chinas?

    2. Dua-dua ekor pisang sini will run, at the drop of the hat, to the defense of their white masters....that's a given, hehehe

    3. Mfer, do tell yr understanding of Trump's excuse vis-a-vis China's.

      Yr #1 superpower has been 'bullied' into trade deals that make him looks like idiot? So now's the make America great again time?

      Don't use yr f*cked one-liner to blurred yr argument through, OK?

    4. we r here to expose yunnan bat slayer n wuhanvirus super spreader.

    5. A MUST read!



      French athletes believe they caught coronavirus at the World Military Games in Wuhan in 18, October, 20 days before the first recorded case in China.

      It comes after it was revealed that Frenchman Amirouche Hammar, 43, had been infected with COVID-19 outside Paris as early as December.

      The hospital where Hammar was treated for chest pains has since re-tested samples and found the fishmonger was positive for the virus on December 27. It is not known where he caught the virus, although his wife works close to Charles de Gaulle airport.

      A number of French athletes who were at the World Military Games from October 18 to 27 have since described coming down with severe flu-like symptoms while at the event.

      Elodie Clouvel, 31, believes she and her partner, along with other athletes, caught the virus.

      Elodie Clouvel told French media she wasn’t concerned about competing at the Olympics in Japan because she’d already had the virus

      The 31-year-old went on: ‘We were in Wuhan for the World Military Games at the end of October. And afterwards, we all fell ill. Valentin missed three days of training. Me, I was sick too. […] I had things I had never had before. We weren’t particularly worried because no one was talking about it yet.’

      She added: ‘A lot of athletes at the World Military Games were very ill. We were recently in touch with a military doctor who told us: “I think you had it because a lot of people from this delegation were ill.”‘

      The French delegation were competing in the 7th World Military Games in Wuhan – just 20 days before the first Chinese person officially became ill with coronavirus – with 402 athletes present, along with 10,000 other athletes from all over the world.

      According to French news channel BFMTV, a number of athletes returned to France with unusual symptoms, including fevers and body aches.

      According to the news channel, none of the returning athletes was tested and the French Army who were responsible for organising their athletes at the military games reportedly confirmed that they had not wanted to test any athletes either.

      Doctors have speculated that the virus might have been making its way around before even December, in November or even in October, and the latest revelations seem to underscore that.

      BFMTV quotes one athlete, who preferred to remain anonymous, as saying that he originally thought he had simply caught a cold.

      However, when news began to emerge of an epidemic in Wuhan, many athletes on a WhatsApp group reportedly began to openly wonder if it was possible that they had contracted the disease too.

      Now that it has been revealed that Amirouche Hammar in France had the coronavirus back in December, closer attention is being paid to what these athletes have said.

      Local media report that since she spoke up on March 25, many athletes have been asked not to answer questions from journalists and to refer media enquiries to the head of communication of the French armies.



    6. 2of2 Cont.

      According to French media, athletes who were in Wuhan reportedly received telephone calls from the army a few weeks ago to reassure them.

      One of these athletes, who also preferred to remain anonymous, is quoted as saying: ‘We were told: there is no risk, you left on 28th October and the virus arrived on 1st November.’

      French media report that sick athletes were also noted in some other delegations, including the Swedish delegation, with people returning to Sweden with strong fevers.

      Around 100 people from the Swedish Armed Forces attended the World Military Games in Wuhan and stayed in the city for two weeks.

      Several competitors fell ill and were screened for the virus, although none were reported to have tested positive.

      It comes after Sweden’s government epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said it was ‘very natural’ to assume that coronvirus was spreading in Scandinavia from November.

      Tegnell told Sweden’s TT news agency: ‘There wasn’t any spread [of infection] outside Wuhan until we saw it in Europe later.

      State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell claimed individual cases would have been detected among travellers from Wuhan.

      ‘But I think that you could find individual cases among Wuhan travellers who were there in November to December last year. That doesn’t sound at all strange, but rather very natural.’

      Sweden – one of just a handful of countries to resist a lockdown – has no plans to implement large-scale sample testing of patients who received care for respiratory symptoms or flu last year to see if they had coronavirus.

      The country’s first official coronavirus case was a woman in Jönköping who tested positive on January 31st after a trip to China. The woman has since recovered from the illness.

    7. same shit diff day. bila independent investigation start?

    8. So, have u managed to expose taichung bat slayer n coronavirus super spreader from the latest news yet?

      Or yr news channels r either feeding u shits pronto or time dilated those info back to yr 16th century!

    9. ccp agree to buy more american shit so now no tariff, australis yet to bow down to wuhanvirus super spreader n insist on independent investigation so kena tariff.

      2 lines can understand better kah?

    10. Who r u yelling at?

      Yr uncle Sam?

      Mfer, indeed, independent investigation IS needed on the abnormal super flu!


      R u the one who signed the trade agreement between US & China?

      Do u understand the clause of “Force Majeure”?

      Guess not, hence all these irrational farts!

      2 lines?

      Mfer, u don't know how to count the lines in a one-liner statement!

      南魔萬 England to the nth.

    11. Yes, CK...we will see more clamoring from the Europeans and even the Americans ( those not under the big Orange voodoo spell, hehe ) to get to the bottom of this virus origin.

      Bat-lover already getting batshit crazy with his incessant " bila independent start" hehe

      For this batty ignoramus, let it be known that to date, TWO investigations were done by the WHO and it was announced that a third one is imminent.

      If you watch this short video, it was stated in the end that the lab in question has already answered 600,000 queries :


      For this batty ignoramus...Dr Peter Forster stated that they had received genome samples on Dec 24th 2019. Other institutions throughout the world also received these samples, as China then didn't know what type of virus they were dealing with.

      In addition, experts in the field came from all over the world too. The third WHO investigation will start soon, as mentioned, and bear in mind, the WHO organization has at any one time, about 25 Americans in the Organization, with Americans largely in top senior positions involved in decision-making.

      The situation is an evolving one and we are learning more about this new virus, and yet many scientists are even now saying, in May, that they still have a lot to learn.

      The next clip here from Dr Peter Forster is an eye opener as he learned new stuff about this virus - he finally concluded now that there's no proof Covid19 originated in Wuhan :


      With news report of people coming out now from Europe and the US claiming to have suffered from Covid19 even earlier than the fist case discovered in Wuhan, then it raised this query : why we push for investigation only in Wuhan ? Why not also investigate the US lab in Fort Detrick ? This lab in the US was suddenly sealed off and shut down, with suspicious spikes of covid19-like flu symptoms. If anything, this Fort Detrick lab ought to be the very first to be investigated.

      ( Note : in the following posting, I will post the disturbing horrendous history of the lab in Fort Detrick that's bone-chilling, to say the least )